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WOCS Class Challenge Coins


To become a Warrant Officer in either the U.S. Army or U.S. Army National Guard, recruits undergo rigorous training and education from Warrant Officer Candidate School (WOCS) under the United States Army Warrant Officer Career College at Fort Rucker, Alabama. Warrant Officers are trained at WOCS to become subject matter experts in engineering, construction, field artillery targeting and more. As the technical foundation of the army, Warrant Officer candidates are selected only from some of the most competent soldiers in the enlisted army who have at least risen up to the rank of Staff Sergeant. These few candidates not only pass the physical tests of the U.S. Army, but demonstrate technical aptitude at providing mechanical support and training to the full spectrum of military equipment and systems.

Among one of the most venerated traditions at WOCS is the presentation of a custom WOCS Class Challenge Coin to their graduating class. These custom-made challenge coins commemorate the graduating class for their accomplishment and readiness to provide skilled leadership for the servicemembers under them. As Warrant Officers move on to apply their technical leadership and expertise on tactical operations and strategic missions, their challenge coins remind them of the pride they felt as they graduated from WOCS.

Our company, Signature Coins, is an industry specialist in creating unique challenge coins for the U.S. Army. We’ve worked closely with units, squads and officers to develop one of a kind challenge coins for military clients in just about every branch of the military. For the candidates at WOCS, their challenge coins represent an important chapter in their career that will mold them into a future leader and expert. 


WOCS Curriculum 

To earn their graduation challenge coins, Warrant Officer candidates go through an extensive seven-week course training, assessing, evaluating, and developing candidate skills to become adaptive experts, combat leaders, and advisors for both soldiers and commanders. Along with courses in technical topics, candidates are given extensive lessons on officership and military history to groom leadership skills and knowledge. At a ceremony often held at the United States Army Aviation Museum, candidates graduate to become WO1 Warrant Officers qualified to attend Warrant Officer Basic Courses at their postings in specific U.S. Army branches where they receive specialized training for their specific role in that branch. The purpose of WOCS is to lay a foundation of technical skills and reinforce previous leadership experience in Warrant Officer candidates. The lessons they learn at candidate school teaches them to not only have technical skills but to also apply them in different situations and work with other experts to achieve success in their operations. WOCS class challenge coins aren’t the only army challenge coins a candidate will have earned by this time in their career but they are a key part of their time spent at WOCS.

Class challenge coins are commissioned and given to each candidate by the school’s faculty as a class bonding exercise with custom designs often depicting their class mascot or school motto “Strength in Knowledge.” While WOCS class challenge coins are rarely a candidate’s first or even last challenge coin earned, they retain a unique distinction in an officer’s career as they come to a definite crossroads for their future development. The lessons they take from WOCS come with Warrant Officers throughout their military career as they train soldiers, advise commanders, and organize their specialties.

Graduates from WOCS can move on with their careers to eventually become fully certified Warrant Officers in any of the U.S. Army’s branches including both Technical Warrant Officers and Flight Warrant Officers.

In those positions, Warrant Officers can fulfill responsibilities including:

  • Attack-Recon Operations -  Offensive attacks and probes against opposing mechanized or armored forces.
  • Utility Cargo Operations - Transporting troops to critical locations and initiating surprise attacks on enemy forces.
  • Construction Engineering Technicians (120A) - Providing supervision and coordination of army infrastructure.
  • Field Artillery Technician (131A) - Synchronizing and coordinating Target Acquisition sensors.
  • Health Services Maintenance Technician (670A) - Leading and coaching army service members in the use and application of medical equipment and systems.


Custom Challenge Coin Examples



Designing a WOCS Class Challenge Coin

Warrant Officer Candidate class challenge coins are an essential aspect of the esprit de corps formed by Warrant Officer candidates with their classmates. Each member of a class is expected to cooperate and work together with other candidates to achieve group goals and learn their team role in different situations, which can be difficult initially because every candidate attending WOCS is picked for their leadership skills. Custom class challenge coins made by our company are often used by instructors and officers to foster a group mentality and unit belonging between individual candidates.

At Signature Coins, we offer a full host of design options for WOCS class coins covering just about every part of a coin’s surface. Each coin is completely customized to fit the needs and symbols of a WOCS class and we incorporate any mascots, mottos, slogans, symbols, or emblems significant to an organization.

Our company can modify a coin’s:

  • Shape - Challenge coins are traditionally shaped as metal medallions, but that’s no limitation to a coin’s design. We can create cut-to-shape coins shaped like badges, dog tags, mascots, and more depending on a client’s design and specifications.
  • Size - Most challenge coins are between 1’ to 3’, but we can make coins as large as 9’ or as small as a quarter depending on the specific needs of a client.
  • Color - We use Pantone colors to ensure each organization’s colors look exactly as they should. Clients can have as many as seven colors on both sides of a coin.
  • Edge - We offer both free and premium edge customization options that allow clients to change their coin’s edge design or add text.
  • Plating - Our plating options include plating in gold, silver, copper, black metal, nickel, and more. We can even dual-plate coins to create unique contrast on a coin’s design.


Our Services


WOCS class challenge coins demonstrate the unique skills and technical knowledge of their owners. Becoming a Warrant Officer means joining a very select group of soldiers who provide specialized knowledge essential to running our nation’s modern army. 

Signature Coins is a proud provider of unique challenge coins to not only WOCS candidates, but also to other soldiers in every branch of our nation’s military. For over 15 years, we have been honored to create unique challenge coins that commemorate and remind soldiers of their selfless service. By working with us you can expect consistent high-quality challenge coins and expert customer service. 

Each order from our services includes:

  • Free color artwork with each preliminary quote.
  • A response and free art proof within 24 to 48 hours of receiving your information.
  • Completely unlimited free revisions on designs.
  • Free UPS Priority Air Shipping on all orders within the U.S.
  • Delivery within 14 days of a finalized order.
  • Complete 100% satisfaction guarantee on all challenge coins. 



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