Using Icons and Logos on Your Custom Challenge Coins

Posted by Signature Coins | December 15, 2010 at 3:06pm | Topic: Challenge Coin Design

The old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, is a great reminder of how much using images can help to get a message across. Using imagery, icons, and logos on custom challenge coins can condense and greatly impact your message. Taking advantage of this option also yields a clean and creative challenge coin that gives your organization, company or unit direct exposure.

Attention Grabbing Designs are Easily Recalled

What is even more beneficial about using logos and icons on challenge coins is that you can tweak preexisting images to create a memorable backdrop. Adding your own personal touch to artwork from famous album or book covers is an appealing way to get people’s attention.

For example, “Moby-Dick”, also known as “The Whale”, is a great American novel and a treasure of the literature world that inspired the artwork for the coin you see here. The ferocious image of a huge white whale tearing through the ocean’s surface is one that will be easily remembered. The appearance of a boat carrying several defenseless travelers as they face their antagonist triggers a “fight or flee” response.

Making Your Point Using Less Words

We have no problem saying that sometimes less really is more. Using key words instead of full mission statements creates more room for artwork and helps them stand out. Words like Excellence, Professionalism, and Honor give challenge coins a clear meaning without interrupting the flow their graphical designs. Looking at the same customized coin example, you can see that placing short mottos or catch phrases along the edge of your coin works just as well.

Taking Coin Sizes for Granted

Using the correct sized coin is always the best option for designs that include several logos. There are often times when custom challenge coins are created using all the logos from each group within a large unit or task force. In situations like this you do not want size to become an issue. We suggest ordering coins that are 2 inches or larger instead of the typical 1.5” and 1.75” sizes.

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