Using Custom Challenge Coins to Promote Your Event

Posted by Signature Coins | August 1, 2012 at 7:17pm | Topic: Business Challenge Coins

Custom challenge coins grab people’s attention. Since World War I, the highly treasured mementos have been used to commemorate a job well done. Recently, businesses have caught onto the challenge coin’s popularity and use them to promote the products that they sell and the services that they provide to the public.

The reason for this is simple. Custom challenge coins are durable and versatile. They can be created in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. You can select options like decorative edges, 3D images, and bottle opener mechanisms that complement the artwork and text you have chosen to include on your order of custom challenge coins.

Challenge coins can be handed out to people at Grand Openings, Job Fairs, and other special events throughout the year. These items can include identifying information about your business on them. This can be something as simple as a website URL, telephone number or email address. Information like this makes it easier for others to contact your business in the future.

Don’t forget presentation options like velvet bags, boxes, and acrylic coin capsules. Each is designed to protect and showcase custom challenge coins. People wanting to display their coins in their homes or offices will greatly appreciate the presentation option that you select to accompany your order of promotional challenge coins.

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