Using Custom Challenge Coins to Attract Prospective Employees

Posted by Signature Coins | August 1, 2011 at 3:24pm | Topic: Challenge Coins

Good talent is worth its weight in gold. That’s why it’s so important to recruit and retain exceptional employees on a regular basis. Holding job fairs several times throughout the year puts you into contact with people that could benefit your workplace. Getting to know these individuals through their resumes, portfolios, and interviews allows you to select the best candidates for your company.

With this in mind, why not create custom challenge coins featuring your business logo and contact information to hand out at recruitment events? These memorable items take the place of paper business cards and leave jobseekers with a great impression of you and your company. This allows them to walk away from the job fair with a better idea of the professionalism and courtesy that you extend to your employees.

It also allows them to have an effective way to get ahold of you. You see, challenge coins are double sided which allows ample room for text and a logo. If you want jobseekers to be able to contact you easily, you can include your phone number, email address or website URL on one side of the coin. This puts the information that they need to remain in communication with you right in the palm of their hand.

When it comes to reaching out to potential talent, no gesture is too large. Create custom challenge coins in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Select a decorative edge that works well with your artwork. Choose sequential numbering or a 3D image to make your design really stand out. People won’t help but think that you are an outstanding business that really cares about its employees when they get a look at your custom challenge coin.

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