Using Challenge Coins to Raise Money For Your Club

Posted by Signature Coins | July 5, 2011 at 1:08pm | Topic: Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are great fundraisers for your club. Designed with you in mind, they can be customized in whatever manner you see fit and sold to others relatively easily. Each coin comes in its own PVC envelope which adds to its portability. People will love how convenient it is to purchase a coin and carry it home with them safely.

Part of Military Tradition Since World War I

Double sided and created according to your specifications, these highly collectible pieces of memorabilia have been part of military tradition since World War I. That's what makes them perfect for your club and fundraising event. Where else are you going to find such a honorable item to sell? We'll venture to say nowhere because custom challenge coins are 100% unique.

The Artwork We Create is For You and You Alone

We never use designs that are already created unless you are placing a reorder for coins that we made for you in the past. This ensures that your ideas are safe with us. Depending on the nature of the challenge coin and the artwork that you submit to us, we make recommendations in regards to size and shape. We even have a bottle opener option that you may want to look into. Fully functional, this style of coin is growing in popularity.

Extend Your Message to Both Sides of the Coin

You can opt to extend your message to both sides of the challenge coin or you can choose to use only one side to place your image and text. The point is that it's your choice. Your custom coins reflect your club and what it stands for. They can also include verbiage about your special event or the fundraiser itself. This allows them to be relevant and useful. If you want to advertise the event prior to it taking place, challenge coins are the perfect promotional tool.

Extra Features Make Challenge Coins Even More Distinct

Sequential numbering, decorative edges, and 3D images are just a few of the features you can include on your challenge coin. Each carries its own list of advantages. If you want to accentuate your current design or give your challenge coins a distinct, collectible feel, you can add a variety of these options. All you have to do is let your sales representative know that you are interested.

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