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Annapolis Naval Academy Challenge Coins


Annapolis Naval Academy challenge coins are used as testimony for achievement and recognize excellence in academics as well as display school pride and honor. Choosing to pursue an education in the United States Naval Academy is no easy feat, and is reserved for only those with the will and determination to see it through. 

The challenge coin tradition is deeply ingrained within the culture of the Navy as well as all other branches of the United States Armed Forces. Officers commonly had out custom Navy challenge coins to commend exemplary service, to acknowledge self-sacrifice, bravery, and determination, and to build comradery. The challenge aspect of the challenge coins involves any situation in which one member of a team produces their coin and challenges the rest to bring their coins out as well. If one member of the team cannot produce his or her challenge coin, he or she is usually responsible for buying a round of drinks for everyone.

But even more than the just the challenge aspect, the challenge coins are meant  to be carried at all times as a reminder of your commitment to your country, a reminder of your promise to protect her people, and, most importantly, a reminder of those men and woman on either side of you that serve with you and fight with you. No matter where you are: deployed or at home, active duty or reserve, challenge coins represent gratitude for your service, remind you of the importance of your team, and connect you with those people who you serve closest with.

Upon graduation, receiving a Navy challenge coin may be the beginning of an officer’s experience with challenge coins, however, it will not be near the end. For, as Officers themselves, graduates may find themselves handing them out sooner than they could believe.

History of the Academy 

The United States Naval Academy’s humble beginnings have blossomed into one of the most storied and successful histories of any educational institution in the country. First proposed by President John Quincy Adams in 1825, the school was not officially formed until 1845 and had a small class of 50 midshipmen and only 7 professors. The curriculum was specialized and focused on mathematics and navigation, as well as English, chemistry, gunnery and steam, natural philosophy, and French.

Today, total enrolment sits at 4,526 students and the school boasts a diverse range of majors including Aerospace Engineering, Computer Engineering, Cyber Operations, Economics, Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering, Oceanography, and many more! The school is among the most selective in the country with an acceptance rate of around 8% according to USNews.

The school has proven itself as an exceptional platform for some of the most prestigious careers in the world. Out of all the alumni of the United States Naval Academy 29 have gone on to become Chiefs of Naval Operations, 72 have been recipients of the Medal of Honor, 54 have become United States Astronauts, 2 have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, and one has risen to the office of the Presidency. Only a select few are chosen to enter Annapolis to be molded into high capable Naval officers, and it can truly be believed that they are walking the halls of greatness.

With such a slim acceptance rate, earning admittance into the Naval Academy is an impressive feat on its own. Graduation from such a prestigious academy, therefore, is even more commendable. Naval Academy challenge coins are substantial markers of achievement and represent both pride through accomplishment, and pride in acceptance to a select group of alumni. The challenges that face students in their time at the Naval Academy are steep and those that rise to the challenge should be awarded something that symbolizes their victory and commends their efforts. 

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When deciding where to locate the Naval Academy, it is said that Annapolis became a prime location because of its seclusion. Keeping midshipmen away from the more populated cities and all of the temptations they hold was a deciding factor. The school is situated within a beautiful 338-acre campus beside the Severn River, an inlet of Chesapeake Bay. Over time, the wooden structures of Fort Severn were replaced by the modern granite structures that make up the school today. The campus is open to the public so that everyone can appreciate the incredible sites of the Main Chapel, the crypt of Naval hero John Paul Jones, as well as the Naval Academy Museum at Preble Hall.

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