UCF Police Officer That Saves Life Gets Challenge Coin

Posted by Signature Coins | May 20, 2011 at 4:00pm | Topic: Challenge Coins

University of Central Florida police officer Gregory Larkin was honored this week for his lifesaving skills. On New Year's Day, he was called to a location where a young man was found unconscious. He began chest compressions while a witness provided breaths. His quick thinking in an emergency situation helped the student regain consciousness. Larkin was presented with the Life Saving Award from the American Society for Industrial Security which included a UCF challenge coin.

A Token of Appreciation With a Historic Background

Stories like these remind us that challenge coins have many uses. Although they are primarily associated with the military, they have been adopted by civil service groups and governmental agencies as tokens of appreciation for heroic acts. Like Larkin, anyone going above and beyond the call of duty are honored with a custom coin highlighting their bravery. That's because since World War I, challenge coins have been considered the highest of awards. Only the best of the best receive them.

Rich in Symbolism and Custom in Nature Equals a Winning Combination

Part of the appeal of challenge coins is their rich symbolism and custom nature. Our customers have the opportunity to create their coins in whatever way that they see fit. Any revisions that they request are completed prior to submitting the order to our production department. This ensures that each and every one of our customers get exactly what he or she specified and bargained for.

Custom challenge coins include your details which makes them very personal. Because they include information like the name of the group or organization handing out the award, the city or location where you are located, and the type of deed being recognized, they make the ultimate keepsake. Very few people would dispute the quality and integrity of a challenge coin.

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