What Is the Typical Challenge Coin Size?

Posted by Adrian Alexander | Monday February 4th, 2019 | Topic: Customers

Knowing the Rules in Order to Break Them

Sometimes when choosing the best coin for your order, it helps to know the norms in order to guide your own choices. Even if knowing what typical challenge coins look like only serves to push you in a different direction, the information is useful. At Signature Coins, we want to make sure everyone gets the best custom challenge coin for their particular situation, so we put together a helpful guide on some of the standards in challenge coin orders. 

Typical Size and Shape Coins

You’ve probably heard about our oversized and cut-to-shape coins by now. In order for there to be an oversized coin, there must be a standard size. At Signature Coins, our most common orders are for 1.75” and 2” coins. These coins tend to be the most convenient sizes for daily carry. They easily fit in a pocket or a wallet and can be carried daily without struggle. These sizes also fit in the palm of the hand easily and can feel more natural when distributing.

While the traditional circular coin continues to be the most commonly ordered, roughly 20% of all our orders are in custom shapes. The only limits to the shapes possible for your coins is your own imagination, and while we’ve designed coins in some unique shapes, there are other custom shapes that are quickly becoming standard. 

Some of our most common custom coin shapes include:
  • Shields 
  • Badges 
  • Squares
  • Helmets
  • Weapons
  • Shirts
  • Animals
  • State and Country Outlines

Typical Uses for Custom Coins

One of the factors that goes into determining the best size and shape for your coin is what the coin is intended to be used for. In the military tradition, challenge coins are used to increase camaraderie, improve morale and signify belonging to specific units. The coins are also often traded among soldiers of different units who serve together on special missions.  

As the coins have made their way into businesses and corporations, the reasons behind giving them and the traditions surrounding them have changed. Therefore, the shapes and sizes have changed accordingly. 

Some of the more common uses for challenge coins today include:
  • Awards
  • Holiday Ornaments
  • Commemorative Tokens
  • Party Favors or Prizes
  • Keepsakes and Gifts
  • Employee Recognition Programs
  • Sports Medals

Not Bound by Standards and Practices

While these are some of the more common uses, sizes and shapes of custom challenge coins, they are not constraints by which you have to feel bound. At Signature Coins, our sales team is available to answer any questions and help guide you towards creating the coin that will best suit your specific needs.

Give us a call at 800-953-3607 or submit your ideas for your custom coin on one of our quote request forms and we’ll get back to you in under 48 hours ready to help you choose the perfect customization options for your coin. 
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