Ty Pennington Gets Challenge Coin on The Great Big American Auction

Posted by Signature Coins | December 12, 2011 at 1:38pm | Topic: Auction Challenge Coins

Ty Pennington is best known for the spectacular homes he helps build on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Now, he’s sharing his love for “picking” by scouting out some of the finest antiques and collectibles in the United States and bringing them to auction. The new TV program, The Great Big American Auction, recently featured a seller that had a signed copy of the Warren Commission that he wanted to make some money on. The man was dressed in Army fatigues and told the audience that the book was a gift from his aunt who worked in the office and obtained the signatures of everyone involved on the commission.

As a member of the military, the man presented Ty with a challenge coin after his auction was over. An honor dating back to World War I, the TV host was incredibly touched by being given such an amazing gift. We liked the fact that the clip was included in the show. It gave us a great idea for our blog today. Custom challenge coins are very much a part of our culture. Still popular with the military, they also are used by businesses, real estate agencies, hospitals, non-profits, sports teams, and colleges and universities.

Challenge coins are intriguing because they are custom made. That means that every order is unique. The individual or group ordering the custom coins know that they will never see someone else with their design. This adds to the perceived value of the items by making them significant and meaningful for the people they are presented to.

As a challenge coin manufacturer, we know how important it is to honor worthy people throughout the year. That’s why we love seeing challenge coins being given out at political events, military ceremonies, and on TV. It gives us great pride to know that a cherished military tradition from decades ago still thrives today.

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