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Posted by Adrian Alexander | Thursday October 25th, 2018 | Topic: Design

With so many years of creating custom challenge coins for customers under our belts, it was inevitable that we’d start playing favorites. And no one knows the specifics of the coins we’ve created more than our artists who work hard to bring our customers’ designs to life. In celebration of International Artist’s Day, we asked the Signature Coins staff to share some of their all time favorite coins. Whether it’s down to certain elements in the creation of the coin itself or the pleasant experience of working with the customer, these are the top 10 coins as voted on by the men and women responsible for creating them. 

#10 - US Department of Justice - Child Exploitation Criminal Division Challenge Coin

It's always special when branches of government reach out to us to create a custom challenge coin. This DOJ coin for the Child Exploitation Criminal Division is one we're particularly happy to have worked on. The fine detail of the binary just beneath the surface of the translucent blue paint and script design in the background of the coin are great examples of what our production team is capable of achieving. 


#9 - Ubisoft - The Division Video Game Challenge Coins

Multi-plating a coin can be a labor intensive process for our production team, but when it comes out right, it’s a true sight to behold. Such is the case with this coin; the contrast between the black nickel and the antique copper looks amazing!


#8 - US Navy - Junior Enlisted Association Winged Skull Challenge Coin

While this one has a great design, it was the artist’s experience that put it over the edge, “This was a fun and interesting project and [the customer] is always an awesome dude to work with. Though we didn't produce the hinged wings, it still came out beautiful!”


#7 - ATF Industry Operations Challenge Coin Bottle Opener

This coin is another highly detailed example of our cut-to-shape customization option. It's also a functional bottle opener!


#6 - Death Star Challenge Coin for 501st Legion Star Wars Charity

We’ve created a lot of coins for the 501st Legion over the years, and look forward to making a lot more. This one in particular stands out for its attention to detail on the Death Star and the great use of cutouts. 


#5 - US Navy FCPOA Samurai 3D Challenge Coin

This coin is the perfect example of our “What you see is what you get” policy. The proof is perfectly translated to an amazing finished product.


#4 - Boozefighters 3D Skeleton Hand Challenge Coin

This coin is a favorite around the office and missed out on a spot in the top 4 by only one vote. In color and text-based information, it’s rather simple, but the detail on the 3D skeleton hand on the back and wrapping around to the front is truly amazing.  boozefighters-3D-skeleton-challenge-coin

#3 - US Navy 18 Coin Submarine Challenge Coin Puzzle Set

Few of our projects are as ambitious as this one: 18 individual coins created like functional puzzle pieces. When the members of the team issued these coins come together, their individual pieces fit together to create a new whole. 


#2 - Operation Mother of Dragons - Law Enforcement Collaboration Challenge Coin

With the second highest number of votes, the Mother of Dragons coin made its way into this sport primarily due to the amazing 3D dragon scale design of the background and the amazing detail on each of the inset badges. But who among us can resist the pull of a fun pop culture reference?


#1 - RECKLESS DECK - Diabolis - 3D Relief Challenge Coin

The fabled Diabolis coin is one that gets mentioned regularly around the office. With the incredible level of detail, the multiple plating options and the general feel of the artwork, it’s easy to see why this coin received the highest number of votes. It's even more remarkable when you consider the fact that this coin was created via a KickStarter campaign; 1,362 backers pledged $68,196 to help bring this project to life! Everyone who gets to see this coin in person is blown away by the final product. 

These coins barely scratch the surface of the amount of work we’ve done over the years. And with many more years and new coin designs to come, we’re sure to be able to choose a new top 10 in no time. But for now, these coins hold the title of favorites among the Signature Coins staff. If you want to see your coin make a future top 10 list, get started by requesting your free artwork and quote today!

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