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The Never Quit Challenge Demonstrates Sheer Determination

September 19th, 2013

To never quit, it takes sheer determination. That’s the theme the NFL players mentioned here decided to dedicate the season opener to. We love being a part of such a spirited movement. That’s why we thought we’d take a moment to introduce to the Never Quit Challenge so you, too, can see just how special it is.

On September 9th, 2013, the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles took to the field for yet another season of Monday night football. Players, EJ Biggers and Josh Morgan from the Redskins, and Brandon Boykin and Vinny Curry of the Eagles dedicated their game to the Never Quit Challenge (NQC) and Connected Warrior Foundation (CWF).

Veterans rode in the Atlantic Ocean from Key West, Florida to New York City to raise awareness for veterans and wounded veterans charities. The challenge took place from September 6th to September 11th. It covered 2,500 miles and was carried out on jet skis. Veterans, including those with prosthetic legs, took part in the event which raised awareness. They were on the field on September 9th during the football game to remember the fallen and wounded.

We were a part of the challenge in our own way by creating custom challenge coins for the event. Challenge coins have long been part of the military’s culture. They have been used to thank, honor, and commend since World War II so it was only fitting that they be a part of this year’s challenge. We were honored to be asked to create the coins which are pictured here.

To learn more about the Never Quit Challenge, please visit To learn more about the Connected Warrior Foundation, go to We support our troops both past and present.

Pope County, Arkansas Salute to Freedom Task Force Thanks Us for Challenge Coins

November 11th, 2011

In honor of Veterans Day, we decided to share the following testimonial with you, our customers.  In addition to creating a coin that was rich in sentimental value and personal history, we were able to provide our customer with free shipping.  This is one of the reasons why we are one of the leading challenge coin manufacturers around.

Here’s what the Pope County Salute to Freedom Task Force had to say about the coin that we created for them:

On behalf of the Pope County, Arkansas Salute to Freedom Task Force, an official thank you to you and to your organization for making this coin happen. The presentation of this challenge coin to our veterans is the center piece of our annual Veterans Day Salute to Freedom Ceremony which will be held at 5pm tomorrow (11-11-11) immediately following our Veterans Day Parade at 4:00pm.

The parade is the largest Veterans Day parade in the state of Arkansas.  It includes a flyover by two A-10 Thunderbolt II Aircraft (Warthogs) and also many bands and floats.

The ceremony lasts about 45 minutes and it is during this ceremony that this year’s honorees will be asked to form a line and to “step off the helicopter”, a 40 foot by 8 foot mural of a Chinook helicopter to be greeted by 1,000 of cheering fans from our community.  As soon as they step off the helicopter they are greeted by several general officers (1 & 2 star) and civic leaders.

As our honorees step off the stage they are then greeted by a double flanking honor guard composed of all others veterans present including: WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, OIE and OEF men veterans.

It is going to be our best event ever much in part to you and your company.  I look forward to working with you next year with many weeks more advance notice.

With Respect and Appreciation,

Jim Bob Humphrey, Chairman

Pope County Salute to Freedom Task Force

Russellville, AR

Custom Challenge Coins to Honor Specific Members of the Military

October 3rd, 2011

A recent article in the Post-Standard sheds light on a popular tradition.  Members of the military from different ethnic groups are being rewarded for their efforts on US soil as well as abroad.  The group mentioned in the article are Native Americans and Veterans which goes to show our country’s diverse population.  They were acknowledged at a special event held a few weeks ago for past members of the military.

In addition to the honor they received for their service, each was given their very own challenge coin.  The small tokens of appreciation were designed in a way to celebrate their heritage as well their military background.  Custom coins are great for this reason.  Because they are designed using your unique ideas, photographs, and emblems, they are a direct representation of you, your unit, and the ideas that best represent it.

We can accomplish this in a number of different ways.  We offer a variety of different sizes of challenge coins for our customers to choose from.  We also can create them in a number of shapes and colors.  Designs can be featured on one side of the coin or both depending on your preference.  We can also include 3D images, sequential numbering, and even glow-in-the-dark enamel as ways to set your custom coins apart.

Groups of all types contact us with their requests for custom challenge coins.  Although the tradition started with the military, it carries on today with sports teams, academic clubs, businesses, and different departments of the government.  Everyone wants to have their very own custom challenge coins to award to others.

Order your own challenge coins today.  Visit, email or call 1-800-953-3607 toll-free.  After hearing your design ideas, we’ll get started creating custom artwork for your coins.  This will allow you to see what your items will look like before we manufacture them.