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Commemorative Challenge Coins Celebrate Grand Openings of Businesses

December 16th, 2010

A Grand Opening is an exciting affair for business owners for a number of reasons.  First, it gives new entrepreneurs the opportunity to establish themselves in a community.  The public event brings in people from all over the city and gives them a glimpse of the products and services that will be offered through the business.  Second, it receives media coverage which can help a business advertise from the minute it opens its doors.  Last but not least, special events like these serve as a valuable opportunity to meet potential customers, let them try samples, and listen to their feedback.  Commemorative challenge coins created for this type of event help individuals remember the experiences they had with a new company.

Reasons Why Businesses Use Challenge Coins

Commemorative challenge coins can be handed out at the actual ribbon cutting ceremony.  Recipients will be able to remember the event in greater detail when they look at their gift. The date that the building or business was established can be printed into the design of the challenge coin which helps make it highly collectible. A photograph or logo incorporated into the artwork can add to the item’s visual appeal.

Businesses find that giveaway items are great tools for driving sales.  Challenge coins, in all of their glory, are attractive, long lasting, and personal.  They can be single or double sided and include decorative edging and 3D emblems. They can be handed out in place of a traditional business card which is part of the reason why they remain so popular.  New entrepreneurs looking to make a great first impression rely on challenge coins to help them with branding.

To find out how to order your own custom challenge coins or to see samples of products that we created for our customers, visit . You call also call 1-800-953-3607 toll free.

Offset Printed Custom Challenge Coins Are Picture Perfect

December 8th, 2010

We have yet to meet anyone who has not tried to imagine their picture on a piece of money. The exciting news is this fantasy can easily become a reality with customized challenge coins.

Signature Coins is not only an expert in crafting quality challenge coins but we can create them for any occasion, no matter how big or small. It is truly up the customer and whatever you decide to do, we are more than willing to oblige.

Pictures Add Value to the Challenge Coin Design

Challenge coins can be the perfect addition to a business’ award programs or corporate functions. Using images of specific employees, entire departments, group photos from sports events, and other business gatherings, works wonders for boosting morale and encouraging employee involvement.

Birthdays, anniversaries, memorials, graduations or “just because” are a few reasons why individuals choose to create a coin that has their or someone else’s picture on it.

Offset Printed Coins are Rare by Design

In our industry, the process of creating items using photographic images is called offset printing. This method allows us to print images directly onto the coin’s surface instead of embossing the design into the metal as we would other types. The greatest benefit of using offset printed coins, which are also called photo or picture coins, is how they capture the details and the many colors variances in the picture.

Another benefit is being able to design one or both sides of your challenge coins. One side could display your personal photograph with a traditional metal finish on the other.  Choosing the double sided option means the same picture can appear on either side, or a different one on each.

Finishing Your Picture Coin with a Touch of Gloss

Most of us agree that glossy photos are nicer to look at.  Well, the same is true for picture coins.  Signature Coins can easily create the same effect using our epoxy dome option. This detail is inexpensive to add and requires the application of a liquid epoxy that hardens to a clear and glossy finish once fired in our production oven.  The added protection prevents damage to the printed image while increasing the attractiveness of your rare coin.

Send us your picture and we will make you a coin that is worth a thousand words.  Call our office at 1-800-953-3607 or send us an email at to start your offset printed challenge coin order today.