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Envelope Shaped Custom Challenge Coins for Universal Letter Writing Week

October 13th, 2014

January 8th-14th is Universal Letter Writing Week.  A practice that has long been used to communicate with others, it’s something that many people still enjoy doing to this day.  Encourage the students in your class to write letters to their heroes.  Get the address of public officials, celebrities, and local heroes and send mail to them.  They’ll love hearing from your class and may even pen your students a letter as well.

Special Shapes for Specialty Coins

Hand out a custom challenge coin in the shape of an envelope to your students as a way of thanking them for participating in your assignment.  They’ll have something fun to take home with them as well as a practice that they may not have ever tried in the past.

Choose colorful cards and stationery for the kids to choose.  Have a variety of writing utensils on hand.  Pens and markers are easy to write with.  Give your students an introduction to letter writing by having them formally introduce themselves to the recipients of their letters.

Read Replies and Hand Out Your Special Gift

Once the week has concluded, schedule a time to read reply letters and hand out custom challenge coins.  It will be something that your students will never forget.  In fact, they may develop an ongoing friendship with the person they chose to write a letter to.

Celebrate Universal Letter Writing Week in a new and exciting way this year.  Create custom envelope shaped challenge coins to hand out to everyone participating in your challenge this year.  Give them a reason to write and write some more.

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