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Custom Military Challenge Coin Keeps Armed Forces Pride Running Deep

February 2nd, 2011

When it comes to challenge coins, there is no organization that values them more than the military. We had the honor of creating a custom coin for the Navy in honor of the U.S. Submarine Service, Requin Base. What makes the coins special is its intricate design and details.  On another note, the experience as well as the customer for whom we fulfilled the request helped us learn a few interesting things we did not know about military submarines.

Over 100 Years of Defense

The U.S. Navy’s submarine force is over a century old. There are three types of submarines that cruise the oceans unseen and carrying out an assortment of mission. There are Attack Submarines, Ballistic Missile Submarines, and Guided Missile Submarines.

Attack submarines are designed to discover and destroy enemy and surface ships and project power on shore along with Special Operation Forces. The attack submarine is one of the most lethal of the United States’ defense weapons.

Ballistic Missile Submarines are frequently referred to as “Boomers” and have one main purpose, to serve as an untraceable launch foundation for international missiles.  These undersea crafts are designed to operate with precision and stealth when delivering warheads.

Guided Missile Submarines provide the Navy with a combination of strike and special mission function ability inside of a covert and concealed platform. They are armed with tactical missiles, superior communication methods and the ability to support Special Operation Forces (SOF) in the nation’s global war on terrorism.

Getting Clearance to Dive

What we found even more interesting was what our customer had to say about submarine dives.  He explained that every hatch where water can get into the vessel is represented by an indicator on a big electronic board in the control room. Before you can get a clearance to dive the vessel, all these hatches have to be closed, of course, and when they are closed you see a green line on the board as opposed to the red circle that is displayed when the hatches are open.  The Officer of the Deck, before he gives the command “Dive the boat, make your depth ___ feet”  asks the Diving Officer,  “Status of the hatches?”, and the Diving Officer says, “Green Board Sir” meaning it is safe to dive the boat.

Signature Coins takes pleasure in not only being a reputable provider of custom challenge coins but learning more and more about the historical, events, special situations, people and objects that they were designed to represent. Email us today to start your order. You can reach us at  You can also call us at 1-800-953-3607.

Creating Your Own Customized Series of Military Challenge Coins

January 27th, 2011

The respected and rich history of challenge coins has made them a must have among numerous armed forces members and supporters. Customizing them to show one’s pride, relay important information, pay tribute to special people and of course “presenting the challenge” at get-togethers are the most common uses.

Merging Uniformity with Honors

However, when we talk about displaying pride and affiliation, your challenge coin design must not only speak volumes but also be able to leave a legacy behind.  This is why we suggest making your own series of custom challenge coins.

Honoring different battalions or units within a main military branch is easy using theme challenge coins.  With a themed coin, you can a high level uniformity and still single out and identify the smaller groups from within the branch. All of your challenge coins will have a similar primary coin design with small distinctions made for each specific unit.

Subtle Differences in the Design

Our designers can create an authentic or incorporate your own design ideas for the coin.  Once this is done, you will choose how to differentiate each sub-group from our wide assortment of add options.  Some the options most commonly used to achieve this goal are:

  • Multiple Plating- Rather than fashioning coins strictly in gold or silver, you can have them made in antique gold, silver and copper. You can utilize this option in a single coin order as well.
  • Dual Plating – If you really want all of your coins to be finished in the same metal, you can take advantage of our dual plating option.  This allows, for instance, a gold coin to be edged in silver or vice versa.
  • Text/Mottos – Including the unit’s name and well-known motto will make it obvious whom the coin was designed for.  This is an effective and somewhat subtle way of maintaining your theme and honoring each group.

The value of custom challenge coins is always the same whether you are honoring a single person or an entire group. Creating coins that have a theme of their own and including minor distinctions will add to their value both in the eyes of their recipients and anyone else that gets the opportunity to see them.

The design specialists at Signature Coins are waiting to hear you ideas.  Contact one of them today at or by calling 1-800-953-3607 and let them make your vision a reality.