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Custom Challenge Coins Help Establish “Home Base Pride”

August 20th, 2012

Custom challenge coins can be used to evoke pride in specific military base regions in the United States.  Camaraderie among members of these units and bases remains high because of the thoughtful award items.  Unlike other types of gifts, custom challenge coins resonate with members of the military for years.

Military coins complete with information about a specific home base gives other units an idea of where their fellow soldiers are located.  These custom coins are given and traded with other members of the military.  This practice helps establish goodwill and boosts morale among units.  Soldiers that are given custom challenge coins feel honored to receive such an award.

Custom challenge coins can be created into medallions which can be worn around the neck or created as bottle openers and attached to a keychain.  Whatever item you feel fits your military unit the best is what we will create for you.  Just let us know what your intentions for the home base challenge coins will be and we’ll get started on custom artwork for you.

Challenge coins can also have:

  • Decorative Edges
  • Sequential Numbering
  • 3D Images
  • Cut Outs
  • Antiqued Metal

Show off your own “Home Base Pride” by creating custom challenge coins today.  Visit to see the different styles offered by Signature Coins.  You can also email your ideas to or call 1-800-953-3607 toll-free.  We will honor your request by sending you a complimentary price quote and full color digital proof.