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What is the Average Weight of Your Standard Size Custom Challenge Coins?

February 8th, 2011

Almost as often as we are asked to explain the difference in coin sizes, customers seek to know how much coins weigh. There are several reasons for this. If the challenge coin is going to be mailed as gift, its weight will affect the cost of shipping. If the custom coin is being used as flip coin, which is a popular sport, how easily the coin can be flipped is affected by its weight as well. Not to mention, heavier coins are typically perceived as being more valuable. Regardless of the reason behind it, knowing the correct coin weight has become an important part of many challenge coin orders.

Standard Size and Weight Variance

We cannot accurately explain challenge coin weight without mentioning challenge coin size, in particular standard challenge coin sizes. Our most commonly ordered coin size are 1.5, 1.75, and 2 inches. Challenge coins made larger than 2”, such as a 4.5” coin, are too large to carry around, but make remarkable show pieces or car badges.

The weight of our challenge coins are measured in ounces. The smallest circular coin, at 1.5”, weighs about 1 oz. The next size, the 1.75” coin, is approximately 1.4 oz. Finally, the 2 inch coin fluctuates between 1.5 and 1.6 oz. Now that you are familiar with the standard weight of circular challenge coins, we will explore a couple of the design options that can affect it.

The Skinny on Customization Options

Cut-out is a very popular customization option that adds character and authenticity to the challenge coin design. Just as its name suggests, certain parts of the coin are completely removed which creates open spaces within the design details. Naturally, with a portion of the coin taken out, this option gives the challenge coin a lighter weight.

However, adding thickness to a challenge coin will make it heavier. A standard size challenge coin, like the coins listed above, is usually 3mm thick. When you request to have your coins made any thicker than that, their weight increases also.

We are happy to address and thoroughly answer any questions regarding custom challenge coins. Though coin size is common question, we realize that weight also plays a big part in the purchase of challenge coins for a few reasons. Standard circular challenge coins range from 1.5 to 2 inches and from 1 to 1.6 ounces respectively. Also, remember that design options you choose can decrease or increase the coins weight.

Contact Signature Coins today to learn more about custom challenge coin sizes, weight and personalization options. Give us a call at 1-800-953-3607 or email one of our representatives at

Adding Thickness to Cut Out Challenge Coins Helps Them Maintain a Nice Weight

January 13th, 2011

If you’re looking for a cut out challenge coin design that looks great and has a weightiness about it, consider increasing its thickness.  Remember that a heavier coin retains its value better because people perceive it to be worth more than something that weighs less.  This significantly impacts a person’s belief about an object especially when it is held in their hands.

Higher Perceived Value Than Other Items

An individual can look at the challenge coin, gauge its mass, and formulate an opinion as to whether or not it is something worth taking interest in.  Items that are made from heavier materials are believed to be more durable and therefore longer lasting.  That is one of the reasons why custom challenge coins remain popular today.  In fact, groups of all types have found uses for them in their personal and professional lives.

Some of the people that order challenge coins from us include:

  • Military units
  • ROTC groups
  • Fraternities and Sororities
  • Businesses
  • Clubs and Non-Profits
  • Sports teams

Ways That Challenge Coins Can Be Used

There are a number of ways that challenge coins can be used.  Here are a few of the ways we have seen our customers use theirs:

  • At awards ceremonies to honor exceptional people.
  • At conferences and job fairs as a replacement for business cards.
  • At sporting events to signify First, Second, and Third place.
  • At poker tournaments as card guards.

As you can see custom challenge coins are functional as well as attractive.  By choosing to cut out areas of the design, you are able to give it depth as well as increase its thickness. This gives you a remarkable challenge coin to hand out to your employees, troops, athletes, and customers.