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Challenge Coins Used to Commemorate Fallen Soldiers

September 13th, 2011

The New York Post just reported that a soldier killed in Baghdad’s family decided to honor their lost loved one by creating something he loved in honor of his service to the military.  They decided to contact a challenge coin company with their request for a custom challenge coin commemorating the 27 year old’s life. Army Staff Sgt. James McNaughton was the first NYPD officer killed in Iraq.

The coins were stamped with the soldier’s photograph and date of death.  Details like these are important in preserving a family’s personal history.  More often than expected, new customers come to us because they can’t think of a better way to pay tribute to their lost loved one.

Memorial coins are growing in popularity for a number of reasons.  Here are a few for you to think about:

  • Custom coins are portable. They can be carried around in a pocket or purse where they are easily accessible. This allows them to be shown to others quickly and easily.
  • Custom coins are durable. The challenge coins are made out of quality materials which make them last a long time.  When stored in a presentation bag or case, they are protected from dust, dirt, and grime.
  • Custom coins are personal. Like the example listed above, custom challenge coins are rich in meaning.  They are designed with a group or individual in mind.  In the case of the example listed above, the coins contained a picture and an important date.

Custom challenge coins can be made in any size, shape, color or style.  They can have custom edges, 3D emblems, and even be dual plated.  Coins can be single or double sided.  Some customers prefer to have their design on one side and leave the other side blank.  Others like to extend their message to both sides of the coin.

Whatever your preference may be, we can create memorial challenge coins to fit your needs.  Visit today.  You can also call 1-800-953-3607 toll-free or email  We’ll be more than happy to honor your request for memorial coins.

Secretary of Defense Awards Soldiers with Custom Challenge Coins

July 20th, 2011

Secretary of Defense Leon Penetta presented over 150 custom challenge coins earlier this month during visits to Iraq and Afghanistan.  Iconic symbols of pride, determination, and heroism, the coins have been used to honor members of the military since World War I.  The “Sec Def Challenge Coins” display a blue flag insignia.  They are also emblazoned with the words “Presented by the Secretary of Defense United States of America.”   This adds to the collectible nature of the coins and also provides recipients with a visual reminder of where the award came from.

Penetta’s presentation was part of a surprise visit by the Secretary of Defense to Camp Dwyer in Afghanistan and to troops in Iraq. Penetta spoke with members of the 1-63 Dagger Brigade, 1st Battalion, 63rd Armor Regiment, 2nd Advise and Assist brigade, 25th Infantry, 116th Calvary Brigade Combat Team.  He offered heartfelt thanks and extended challenge coins to members of the military as a way to promote positivity and goodwill.  Tokens of appreciation like custom coins help lift spirits during times of adversity.

As a challenge coin manufacturer, we know how valuable challenge coins can be for the people that they are given to.  That is why we take the time to create them from scratch using your ideas and concepts.  Unique in appearance and full of sentimental value, challenge coins have made their way into other arenas as business owners, school administrators, church clergy, and non-profit organizations have adopted challenge coins as their giveaway and award item of choice.

Challenge coins are rich in detail and made from quality materials.  They are crafted with care, rich in detail, and crafted in a way that makes them memorable.  If you want to make a great impression on the people that you work with day in and day out, you will want to incorporate an awards program that uses custom challenge coins.

Visit today to learn how to order your own coins.  You can also call 1-800-953-3607 toll-free or email to request a free price quote and free full color digital proof featuring your design idea.

Commemorative Challenge Coins Celebrate Grand Openings of Businesses

December 16th, 2010

A Grand Opening is an exciting affair for business owners for a number of reasons.  First, it gives new entrepreneurs the opportunity to establish themselves in a community.  The public event brings in people from all over the city and gives them a glimpse of the products and services that will be offered through the business.  Second, it receives media coverage which can help a business advertise from the minute it opens its doors.  Last but not least, special events like these serve as a valuable opportunity to meet potential customers, let them try samples, and listen to their feedback.  Commemorative challenge coins created for this type of event help individuals remember the experiences they had with a new company.

Reasons Why Businesses Use Challenge Coins

Commemorative challenge coins can be handed out at the actual ribbon cutting ceremony.  Recipients will be able to remember the event in greater detail when they look at their gift. The date that the building or business was established can be printed into the design of the challenge coin which helps make it highly collectible. A photograph or logo incorporated into the artwork can add to the item’s visual appeal.

Businesses find that giveaway items are great tools for driving sales.  Challenge coins, in all of their glory, are attractive, long lasting, and personal.  They can be single or double sided and include decorative edging and 3D emblems. They can be handed out in place of a traditional business card which is part of the reason why they remain so popular.  New entrepreneurs looking to make a great first impression rely on challenge coins to help them with branding.

To find out how to order your own custom challenge coins or to see samples of products that we created for our customers, visit . You call also call 1-800-953-3607 toll free.