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One Sided Challenge Coins Make Great Accent Pieces for Trophies and Furniture

January 3rd, 2012

Many people find themselves asking the question, “What is a challenge coin?”  Simply put, it is a customized item which is ornate in nature that is given out to individuals as award items or during special events and promotions throughout the year.  The challenge coin design depends largely on the customer’s wishes and specifications.  Special attention is paid to size, shape, text, images, and features.  This allows the personalized challenge coins to reflect the unique personality and interests of the customers, military units, business, groups, and organizations they are made to represent.

Although custom challenge coins have two sides that can be used by the customer, there comes a time when only one side is used.  This is the case with special awards and trophies as well as handcrafted furniture.  Whenever a customer wants a special accent piece to attach to another object, they contact Signature Coins with their request and we are happy to honor it.  One sided challenge coins look very similar to double sided challenge coins.  They often feature 3D images, decorative edges, and sequential numbering as well identifying text.  This gives them the appearance characteristic to custom challenge coins.

The main difference between one sided and double sided challenge coins is this.  Instead of having a design on the back side of the challenge coin, one sided challenge coins are completely smooth.  This makes it easy for the customer to affix the custom coins to other objects.  We have seen trophies and plaques adorned this way.  This is also an option for furniture makers and other arts and crafts-related industries to identify their products.  One sided challenge coins offer solutions to businesses wanting to brand their unique handmade objects with something permanent and attractive.

We create custom challenge coins that fit your needs.  If you find yourself needing a one sided challenge coin for any reason, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free price quote and full color digital proof.  You can visit our website located at, email or call 1-800-953-3607 toll-free.

Using Custom Challenge Coins to Celebrate Martial Arts Achievements

April 25th, 2011

The popularity of martial arts fighting, especially mixed martial arts, has grown drastically all over the world. People of all ages have taken an interest in learning the not only the moves but also the principles and the many mental and physical health benefits of regular training. Martial arts offers its students an added bonus of the major boost in confidence and overall satisfaction that comes with advancing through their respective programs.

Many martial arts forms, like jujitsu, recognize apt students using a color system. Successful trainees are given special color coded belts once they have proven their development of key abilities and principle centered behavior. The belts act as an announcement of the students’ success and means of awarding their achievement. Using customized challenge coins in conjugation with traditional recognition methods is another great way to motivate students to stay on the track.

The Real Reward is in the Training

Recently, we were contacted by a customer who manages Kurisho-Do, a martial arts dojo. He requested a customized award coin to recognize students who have been inducted to the academy’s hall of fame. The challenge coin design, includes many eye catching and awe inspiring elements that both senseis and students will be happy to hand out as well as show off.

The recognition challenge coin, was fashioned in a traditional round shape and includes the dojo’s official logo and related Chinese character text on one side. The opposite side was proudly and artistically used to announce the success and entitlements of the award coin’s owner.

Understanding Key Design Elements

When creating your award challenge coin design, arriving at the perfect one is the ultimate goal. The image of the Kuroshi –Do challenge coin shown here, is what we call a digital proof. As you can see it displays an assortment information about the coin’s design in addition to the front and back images of the actual challenge coin.

Our digital proofing system is immeasurably valuable tool that Signature Coins award coin customers and recipients greatly appreciate. From a challenge coin manufacturing stand point, it allows us share our vision of the personalized coin with the customer and provides a clear starting point. For customers, it makes it easy to incorporate their ideas and oversee the development of a unique and valued item that they will be 100% satisfied with which is rewarding in and of itself.

If you are a teacher of any kind, the next time your students reach a milestone and are due advance and be recognized, you should consider the versatility and unlimited design potential of custom award challenge coins.

Custom challenge coins are easy to design and can be coordinated to complement an existing award program, like the one used in martial arts study. They are also affordable and simply a creative and fun idea.

Call Signature Coins at 1-800-953-3607 to start the custom challenge coin order for your next Hall of Fame or recognition ceremony. Our talented graphic artists are available now and look forward to creating a design your students are sure to love. Submit your ideas to them by emailing

Creating Customized Cause Related Challenge Coins to Raise Money For Non-Profit Events

April 21st, 2011

Many companies organize teams or groups to participate in non-profit cause related events like the March Of Dimes and the Alzheimer’s Memory Walk. Items like customized tee shirts, hats and mugs as well as a free lunch or VIP admission into special thank you galas are just a few ways in which participants are rewarded for their efforts.

Inspiring and Thanking Your Team’s Sponsors

Our question is, what about the sponsors who donate money, to research, development and treatment, on behalf of the event’s runners, bikers or walkers? For anyone and everyone who pledges their time a non-profit event to raise money, we suggest creating custom cause challenge coins.

If your company has a team or group that usually participates in a cause related event, offering and giving sponsors a customized challenge coin, to say thank you for their donations, will act as an added incentive to make a pledge. It will also give them a little something extra to look forward to about sponsoring next year’s event.

Designing Coins to Reach Full Fundraising Potential

To maximize your personalized coins fundraising potential, it is important to design coins in way that both the non-profit and your sponsors will appreciate. As a leader in the challenge coin industry, we have some design ideas that will help make your team’s coin unique and collectible.

For the best results, you should choose a double sided challenge coin and:

  • On one side, include the event name, date and, if allowed, the event’s or the non-profit organization’s official logo.
  • Your company, team name and logo on the opposite side.
  • Use a shape other than round,  like a star, heart, diamond or a combination  of two shapes
  • Include add-ons like glitter, danglers, cut-out or bobbles to give the coin character and flare
  • Most importantly, trust the creation of your challenge coin design to the professionals at Signature Coins.

For annual events, non-profits encourage participants to get sponsors and raise money by offering the individual members incentives, like customized memorabilia and admission to special events. Team members can boost their fundraising potential by applying this same principle to their sponsors using personalized challenge coins.

Contact Signature Coins today at to learn more about our coin design options and take advantage of our digital proofing system, with unlimited revisions, and fast shipping all free of charge.  You can also call our office at 1-800-953-3607 to speak with a one of our courteous coin experts.

Should I Use Sequential Engraved Numbering on the Side or on the Edge of My Custom Challenge Coin?

March 8th, 2011

With the wide assortment of design options that are available, sequential engraved numbering is the best way to clearly establish a series of collectible challenge coins.  While this add-on feature can be described simply as including a series number on your custom challenge coin, where you should place this number may require just a little more thought.

There are two areas of the challenge coin in which you can add your sequential numbering, on the side (front or back, face) or on the edge. Both areas have their own benefits as well as distinct differences.  Which option you choose depends on the impression you want your customized coin to make.

Do you want your recipients to easily recognize that they have received a unique collectible coin? If you answered yes to this question, then using sequential numbering on the side of your challenge coin is the perfect choice.

Far from subtle, placing your coin’s series number on the on front or back side of the challenge coin makes its value plainly obvious.  The sequence number, in all its boldness and importance appears on the coin’s face. Though it shares its display area with the general challenge coin design, it still demands its own level of attention.

On the other hand, sequential edge numbering, just as the name suggests, is applied on the challenge coin’s outer edge.  This is the ideal option for you if you want your challenge coin design to remain the center of attention. Because the edge of the coin is a significantly smaller display area, the sequence number appears smaller making it a subtle design feature.

Something else to consider, when deciding where you will place your sequential numbering, is the size of your overall challenge coin design. There have been instances when the coin’s design details require the use of its entire surface area.  In this situation we recommend using sequential edge numbering, that is if you do not wish to revise the design.

To learn more about sequential numbering or any of our additional coin options, please visit our Coin Pricing page at

Our knowledgeable representatives are standing by to handle your inquiries and hear your ideas.  Contact one of them today at 1-800-953-3607 or by emailing

The Convenience and Practicality of Custom Bottle Openers Makes Them Popular by Demand

March 4th, 2011

There are many people that like to carry a commemorative challenge coin in their pockets.  If you are anything like these individuals, we have an even better suggestion for you.  Why not carry a challenge coin that is appealing and has a function?

Creativity and Innovation Become One

Custom challenge coin bottle openers are just as easy to carry in your pocket as coins but come with the added advantage of being able to open a bottle.  When it comes to designing your bottle openers, they can also have an opening that allows you to hang them from a dog tag chain or lanyard. The size options that are available make this useful custom product even more appealing.

Similar to the traditional challenge coins from which they are crafted, the bottle openers can be in any size ranging from 2.5 to 3.5 inches.  A rectangular shaped bottle opener that is 2.75” in size is a happy medium that allows plenty of room for your design. For added versatility, you can also design bottle openers to be double sided rather than just single.

Sharing the Enthusiasm and Perks

If you know others, like you, that genuinely appreciate a high quality challenge coin, why not design a bottle opener for them too?  Their convenience and practicality make them not only popular, but also the perfect gift or give away item. They offer a unique and useful way to say thank you to customers and organizational supporters.

Even recipients who will be seeing a challenge coin or custom bottle opener for the first time are sure to love the creativity and innovation behind it. You may even start a new trend or tradition among close family and friends by creating a new one each year as collectible bottle openers.

Visit our Bottle Openers page to find out more about these creative and useful keepsakes.

Call Signature Coins today to start your order, 1-800-953-3607. Or send an email to one of our challenge coin experts at

Custom School Challenge Coins Present a New Way to Show Academic Pride

February 14th, 2011

There many different ways in which educational institutions promote and support themselves.  School t-shirts, mugs and bags adorned with the school’s logo are some of the most popular and commonly used custom products.  If you are an administrator looking for a fresh new idea for your school or educational organization, why not choose custom challenge coins?

Uniquely Boosting School Morale

Challenge coins are very prominent throughout the military and many civilian groups.  What makes them special is the simple fact that they can be customized.  Custom coins can be fashioned in any shape and size as well as with any colors, theme, graphics and text you desire.  Rather than use only one side of the coins, you can maximize its overall effect by applying the same challenge coin design, or a different one, to the opposite side, creating a double-sided a coin.

For example, the school coin we created for Socorro High School celebrates the Navy ROTC institution’s long championship history.  You can see the school’s name, championship status and years as well as its mascot are featured on one side.  The backside proudly displays the type of educational facility it is, custom graphic art and text.

Multifaceted and Multifunctional

The challenge coin above is a prime example of how well choosing the right customization options will work when they are all brought together.  Another unique and interesting take on this coin would have been to design it in the shape of the school’s main building or mascot and incorporating its signature colors.  The many ways in which this and any other challenge coin can be designed are unlimited by nature which also allows them to be used in several ways.

There are many different reasons and events educators can design and use personalized coins for.  Giving award coins as gifts of achievement create a major impact at recognition and graduation ceremonies. Thank you coins will let contributing sponsors know that their donations and support funding are greatly appreciated.

We guarantee however you decide to use your custom school coins will benefit your institution in very surprising ways. However, in order for that to happen they need to be designed in a way that not only properly represents the school, but engages the best talent, skill and coin manufacturer available.

Signature Coins is committed to delivering high quality custom challenge coins that organizations and businesses cannot imagine themselves without.  Visit our Coin Gallery to see why!

Call our office today at 1-800-953-3607 or send an email with your inquiries and ideas to

Some Helpful Tips and Information About Ordering Your Custom Challenge Coins

February 10th, 2011

For those who are not familiar with custom challenge coins, placing an order can introduce an overwhelming amount of options and information.  As experts of custom challenge coin manufacturing, we address the inquiries and concerns of new clients every day. Today we are sharing a few suggestions based on our industry knowledge and experience.  Our goal is not only to help eliminate the possibility of future design conflicts but also to will increase the ease of simple ordering process.

Quality Coins Require Superior Images

Your challenge coin design can include any image, or multiple images, that you choose.  However, if the graphic art for your custom coin was not created by us, it has to be the appropriate quality in order coins to look their absolute best.  We advise our customers, who are submitting their own artwork, to provide images that are clear and high resolution.  Coins with 3D areas or that are using offset printed images should be 300 dpi (dots per inch).

Epoxy Domes and Engraving Do Not Mix

Adding an epoxy finish to your coin will give it quite a bit of shine, but you might want to skip this option if your heart is set on future engraving.  Epoxy will not allow the coin surface to be engraved. So, we recommend you either do not use an epoxy if you are planning to engrave the coin in the future or have us engrave your coins and apply the finish as a part of your order.

Digital Proofs and 3D Images

Depending on the details in the challenge coin design, creating the digital proof will require additional time.  Examples of this are coins with 3D images and designs containing a lot of content or that have more than one design choice.  We ask that our artists be allowed additional to develop the graphics and draw your full color digital proof(s).

Packaging and Presentation Options

How your coin is packaged plays a part in how it will be received.  We offer several different presentation options for you to choose from, including clear acrylic cases and velvet boxes.  To view all of our presentation options, visit the following web page,

The Best of Bottle Openers

When ordering custom challenge coins as bottle openers, the shape and size are an important factor in the ease of its use. We have found that the 2.75 inch rectangular shaped bottle opener works very well compared to other sizes and shapes.

Do not let an unfamiliarity with custom products like challenge coins prevent you from creating the best gifts and keepsakes available.  By trusting and industry leader like Signature Coins you increase your chances of not only learning more about custom coins but also arriving at the perfect coin with each and every order you place.

Call our office today so our artists can get started on your free digital proof. Our toll free number is 1-800-953-3607. Or you can submit your ideas and requests by emailing  We appreciate your patronage!

What is the Average Weight of Your Standard Size Custom Challenge Coins?

February 8th, 2011

Almost as often as we are asked to explain the difference in coin sizes, customers seek to know how much coins weigh. There are several reasons for this. If the challenge coin is going to be mailed as gift, its weight will affect the cost of shipping. If the custom coin is being used as flip coin, which is a popular sport, how easily the coin can be flipped is affected by its weight as well. Not to mention, heavier coins are typically perceived as being more valuable. Regardless of the reason behind it, knowing the correct coin weight has become an important part of many challenge coin orders.

Standard Size and Weight Variance

We cannot accurately explain challenge coin weight without mentioning challenge coin size, in particular standard challenge coin sizes. Our most commonly ordered coin size are 1.5, 1.75, and 2 inches. Challenge coins made larger than 2”, such as a 4.5” coin, are too large to carry around, but make remarkable show pieces or car badges.

The weight of our challenge coins are measured in ounces. The smallest circular coin, at 1.5”, weighs about 1 oz. The next size, the 1.75” coin, is approximately 1.4 oz. Finally, the 2 inch coin fluctuates between 1.5 and 1.6 oz. Now that you are familiar with the standard weight of circular challenge coins, we will explore a couple of the design options that can affect it.

The Skinny on Customization Options

Cut-out is a very popular customization option that adds character and authenticity to the challenge coin design. Just as its name suggests, certain parts of the coin are completely removed which creates open spaces within the design details. Naturally, with a portion of the coin taken out, this option gives the challenge coin a lighter weight.

However, adding thickness to a challenge coin will make it heavier. A standard size challenge coin, like the coins listed above, is usually 3mm thick. When you request to have your coins made any thicker than that, their weight increases also.

We are happy to address and thoroughly answer any questions regarding custom challenge coins. Though coin size is common question, we realize that weight also plays a big part in the purchase of challenge coins for a few reasons. Standard circular challenge coins range from 1.5 to 2 inches and from 1 to 1.6 ounces respectively. Also, remember that design options you choose can decrease or increase the coins weight.

Contact Signature Coins today to learn more about custom challenge coin sizes, weight and personalization options. Give us a call at 1-800-953-3607 or email one of our representatives at

Creating Your Own Customized Series of Military Challenge Coins

January 27th, 2011

The respected and rich history of challenge coins has made them a must have among numerous armed forces members and supporters. Customizing them to show one’s pride, relay important information, pay tribute to special people and of course “presenting the challenge” at get-togethers are the most common uses.

Merging Uniformity with Honors

However, when we talk about displaying pride and affiliation, your challenge coin design must not only speak volumes but also be able to leave a legacy behind.  This is why we suggest making your own series of custom challenge coins.

Honoring different battalions or units within a main military branch is easy using theme challenge coins.  With a themed coin, you can a high level uniformity and still single out and identify the smaller groups from within the branch. All of your challenge coins will have a similar primary coin design with small distinctions made for each specific unit.

Subtle Differences in the Design

Our designers can create an authentic or incorporate your own design ideas for the coin.  Once this is done, you will choose how to differentiate each sub-group from our wide assortment of add options.  Some the options most commonly used to achieve this goal are:

  • Multiple Plating- Rather than fashioning coins strictly in gold or silver, you can have them made in antique gold, silver and copper. You can utilize this option in a single coin order as well.
  • Dual Plating – If you really want all of your coins to be finished in the same metal, you can take advantage of our dual plating option.  This allows, for instance, a gold coin to be edged in silver or vice versa.
  • Text/Mottos – Including the unit’s name and well-known motto will make it obvious whom the coin was designed for.  This is an effective and somewhat subtle way of maintaining your theme and honoring each group.

The value of custom challenge coins is always the same whether you are honoring a single person or an entire group. Creating coins that have a theme of their own and including minor distinctions will add to their value both in the eyes of their recipients and anyone else that gets the opportunity to see them.

The design specialists at Signature Coins are waiting to hear you ideas.  Contact one of them today at or by calling 1-800-953-3607 and let them make your vision a reality.

Displaying National Pride With Custom Challenge Coins Shaped Like Your Home Country

January 25th, 2011

Did you know that custom challenge coins can be crafted in the same shape as your home country?  This is another great way for patriotic people to show their pride. Though there may be a countless number of other people from your homeland, none of them will be displaying their pride quite like you.

Your Country is Main Attraction

When the form of a challenge coin reflects one’s country of origin it makes them even more valuable and unique. You can easily increase the originality of your patriotic coins by incorporating important and meaningful information.  Using your choice of text and icons in the challenge coin design will give it more meaning and help it stand out.

No custom patriotic coin is complete without the appearance of its national flag. Our designers have the ability to create a coin with an inlay of the country’s flag within its unique shape.  This is what makes country coins a true display of patriotism and pride for your nation.

The words you choose for your custom challenge coin, especially one that is meant to parade national pride, are just as important as the images.  If your homeland has a particular motto or event that it is known for it is a good idea to add these details to the challenge coin design as well.

Adding Special Features

Some other features to consider when creating our custom country coin are:

You can choose single or double sided application of your coin design.  Though your one-of-a-kind design will look good on only one side, why limit yourself and the impact of the coin?

Metal plating in antique gold, silver or copper is also available.  You can even use different plating options in one coin order.

Adding special features will set your coin even further apart. Taking advantage of additional options like cut-outs, an epoxy dome, sequential numbering or glow-in-the-dark enamel will make a drastic difference in the coins presentation

Signature Coins is here to help you show respect and love for your country.  Call us today at 1-800-953-3607 to get your free price quote and complimentary digital proof.  Our knowledgeable representatives can also be reached at