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Business Card Challenge Coins Are Shaped to Impress

March 26th, 2013

Business card challenge coins are popular these days.  Rather than rely on a flimsy piece of paper to make an impression, men and women contact Signature Coins with their request for business card challenge coins very frequently.

Challenge coins can be classic in design or ornate.  They can be traditionally round or rectangular shaped like a traditional business card.  Challenge coins are built-to-last which makes them ideal for small and large businesses.  Coins can include contact information like phone numbers, email addresses, and website URLs.  This is one way to encourage other people to contact you about the products and services that you have chosen to provide.

Don’t forget add-on features like 3D emblems, sequential numbering, dual plating, and decorative edges.  Each of these options adds to the attractive quality of your business card challenge coins.  If you’re at a loss as to what you should include, contact a Signature Coins representative for advice.  Our team of talented artists has been designing custom challenge coins for customers for years.  They know exactly what it takes to make a coin memorable.

Present the business card challenge coins in a velvet bag or acrylic case.  This is a highly professional way to package these items.  Recipients of the coins appreciate the gesture because presentation options make it possible for the men and women to store and display their business card coins safely.

Impress others with your business card.  Visit to learn more about the options that are available to you.  Email your ideas to  You can also call 1-800-953-3607 toll-free.  We’ll be more than happy to assist you with your request by creating quality, custom challenge coins that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Business Card Challenge Coins Grab People’s Attention

July 31st, 2012

Businesses around the country look for new and inventive ways to make their mark.  They want to leave the customer with a favorable impression of their employees as well as the products and services they have to offer.  Instead of spending vast amounts of money on print advertising, businesses of all sizes have turned to something more unique to get their message across.  They use custom challenge coins created by Signature Coins to promote their products and services.  The added enticement of a memorable gift like a custom challenge coin is enough to grab people’s attention and get them interested in the business.

Business card challenge coins can be round, square or cut-to-shape.  An image or photograph can help make them distinct and memorable.  They can feature identifying information like a website URL, an email address, and telephone number.  This helps make the coins useful because they take the place of paper business cards.  Business card challenge coins are made from quality materials and are built to last.  Paper cards get wet and crumpled which makes them impossible to read.

Custom business challenge coins can be handed out at Grand Openings as well to new customers that utilize your services or buy your products.  They can be handed out to other business owners as a way of forming bonds in the community.  Other businesses know how to reach you by simply looking at the information included on the coin.

Change the way people see your business.  Get challenge coins today.  Visit to see the different options that are available for you.  You can also email your request to or call 1-800-953-3607 toll-free.  We’ll send you a complimentary price quote and full color digital proof to examine.