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Challenge Coin Bottle Openers Are Today’s Latest Craze

September 27th, 2011

Challenge coin bottle openers are the latest craze.  Popular with members of the military and other groups alike, they are the type of gift item that is practical and memorable.  This makes them perfect for awards ceremonies and banquets of all sizes.

Bottle openers with the interior cut out within the challenge coin are perfect because they allow their owners to participate in challenges and open their frothy beverages at the same time.  Unique gift items like these are perfect for the men that you know.  Military units, sports teams, business colleagues, and fraternities are just a few of the groups that contact us with a request for bottle opener challenge coins.

The Ideal Size for Your Challenge Coin Bottle Openers

The 2.75 inch size is critical for the functionality of the bottle opener.  That’s why we recommend that you request this size when ordering your custom challenge coins.  If we go any smaller than that, it will compromise the bottle opening mechanism which could affect how your coins are being used.

Suggestions for Customizing Your Challenge Coins

There are a number of different ways you can customize your challenge coin bottle openers.  Here are a few of the most popular:

  • Custom shapes.  Challenge coins do not have to be round.  They can be cut to resemble the image being represented on the challenge coin.  Challenge coin bottle openers can also be dog tag shaped.  Military units love the look of this type of coin.
  • Custom edges. Choose from Flat Edge, Rope Edge, Spur Edge, Oblique Line Edge, Flat Weave/Bevel Edge, and Cross Cut Edge.  Custom edges give designs dimension and add to their appeal.

As you can see, challenge coin bottle openers are a great find.  They can be used to honor and reward heroic efforts or encourage exceptional deeds and work.  If you want the group that you are recognizing to be impressed with their gift item, you’ll want to create custom coins with Signature Coins.  Call 1-800-953-3607 toll-free or email

Challenge Coin Bottle Openers Combine Convenience with Tradition

May 3rd, 2011

Custom challenge coins have a history dating as far back as World War I. They are symbolic in nature and given to members of the military that show signs of excellence. Men and women that demonstrate courage, perseverance, and determination often are the recipients of custom challenge coins.  These items are rich with personal meaning and become cherished keepsakes for the recipient.

Reasons Why Challenge Coin Bottle Openers Are Popular

Challenge coin bottle openers are especially appealing for a number of reasons.  First, they are functional and attractive.  Like other challenge coins, they can have a unique size and shape.  Second, they can be used in challenges just like any other type of coin.  This can be very beneficial for challengers and challengees alike.  When it comes to opening a stubborn bottle cap, there is nothing better than a sturdy challenge coin bottle opener.  Last of all, they make great gift items.  People love objects that have dual purposes.  In addition to being a memorable award, challenge coin bottle openers also have a second function which makes them very useful.

Making Your Challenge Coin Bottle Openers Memorable

There are a number of ways to make your challenge coin bottle openers memorable. For example, you can opt to have them created in the shape of a dog tag.  This helps make them visually appealing and easily recognizable. Next, you can add an image or a photograph which will get people talking about your challenge coin bottle openers. Last but not least, you can add the name of your unit, the location where you are stationed at, and your unit’s motto. This enhances your design’s appearance and makes a really cool bottle opener for you to give out comrades.

We Offer Our Customers the Best Options

Signature Coins offers our customers the very best options available.  In addition to a no obligation free quote, we also provide:

  • FREE Artwork & Design With Unlimited Revisions.
  • FREE UPS Air Shipping. Guaranteed
  • Delivery in (14) Days Or Less.
  • Quality & Workmanship 100% Guaranteed.

Like what you’ve read? Give us a call at 1-800-953-3607 toll-free or email We can answer any questions that you have about your custom challenge coin bottle opener inquiry.