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Custom Challenge Coins For Personal Bankers

July 15th, 2011

Personal bankers are an important part of any financial institution.  They provide a myriad of services to their customers day in and day out.  From opening new bank accounts to selling CDs, these men and women must remain professional with each and every transaction that they make.

Challenge coins are ideal for businesses of all types because of their versatility.  In addition to promoting new products and services, they also contain information that can be considered helpful to the customer.  Double sided and rich in detail, custom coins make a great impression on the people they are given to.

Personal Bankers Build Trust

A banking relationship is built on trust.  People want to know what is going on with their money at all times.  They do not want to place their money into a financial institution that doesn’t have personable bankers employed there.  They want to feel safe and secure placing their life savings into the bank.

Getting to know the customer personally takes time.  Presenting them with a gift upon meeting them gives the men and women a great impression about the bank.  This helps the customer to feel better about the banker as well.

Challenge Coins Promote Services

Custom challenge coins for personal bankers are a great way to promote the different services offered by a credit union or bank.  They can be handed out to new customers whenever they open an account, apply for a credit card or get approved for a loan.  Complete with the financial institution’s web address and phone number, these “business cards” are portable and memorable.

All a customer has to do to get into contact with their banker is to take a look at the custom challenge coin that they gave them.  This gives them the peace of mind that their bank cares about fulfilling their needs.  Unlike paper business cards, challenge coins are hard to misplace and destroy.  Bankers can rest assured that when they hand out coins, their customers will always have them.