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Owasippe 100th Anniversary Challenge Coins a Hit with Recipients

August 23rd, 2011

We just received some great feedback from one our customers concerning the custom challenge coins that we created for him.  Here is what he had to say:

“You guys did the Owasippe 100th anniversary challenge coins for us. They went over so well. My partner and I were co-chairs and we gave them out to those who had really made a difference in the planning and execution of the 100th anniversary. The owners of this Scout camp were trying to sell it for over 8 years and we saved it and then led the 100th party. Some we gave out very privately, some we gave out at the celebration itself. Many wanted to know how they could get one and we would just smile.”

We love receiving this type of feedback from our customers and wanted to invite you to submit a few words to us via email about the custom challenge coins we have created for you.  You can send testimonies and comments to  We created some really great challenge coins over the years and we’ve helped companies, youth organizations, non-profits, military units, and clubs of all types honor their own, promote their products and services, and even raise money for noble causes.

One of the great things about challenge coins is that they can take form in whatever way you envision them to be.  They can be standard sized or oversized.  They can be round or custom shaped.  They can be single or double sided.  Best of all, they can feature whatever image or photograph you decide to go with.  We can even customize the size and style of font that we use for your personalized message.  This makes your challenge coins unique and memorable.

Your suggestions have helped us become one of the best challenge coin companies around.  In fact, it doesn’t matter if it’s your first or fifth time ordering from us, we give your custom challenge coins the care and attention that they deserve.  This ensures that you’re 100% satisfied with your order the same way the customer featured above was with his anniversary coins.  Who knows, your testimonial may be the subject of our next blog.

Challenge Coins Celebrate Notable Events in History

June 2nd, 2011

Commemorative and anniversary challenge coins shed light on historical events.  What may not have been public knowledge in the past captures the interest of the public.  For example, people may not know that your business has been around for a hundred years or that your club is getting ready to celebrate its 25th anniversary.  Once you put this information on a custom coin, all of that changes.

If you want to impress people, give them something to remember.  Challenge coins have a distinct look and feel.  Created in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles, they can be customized in a way that speaks to your customers or members.

Custom coins can be one sided or double sided.  You can even select a variety of different features to make your challenge coins distinct.  Whatever way you want to celebrate your special event, consider it done.  Call us and we’ll guide you through the process of ordering your custom coins.

Pinpointing what design you want is half the battle.  Think about your business or organization.  What stands out most about it?  Is it your logo or slogan?  Is it your commitment to serving others?  Once you have determined this and shared it with us, we will start creating custom artwork for you.  We will also be able to suggest challenge coin styles, sizes, and shapes based on this information.

Your anniversary challenge coins should be everything you want and more.  That’s why we take the time to create them from quality materials.   Meant to last, custom challenge coins are a great item to give away on your anniversary or other important date in your personal history.  Celebrate today!