Custom SWAT Challenge Coins

Custom SWAT Challenge Coins

Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams came about because of the difficulty in organizing and implementing a plan of action in response to riots and urban barricade situation. These situations most often involve an armed gunman and put the members of a SWAT team into life-threatening circumstances constantly. Only those few who are brave enough, and skilled enough, are capable of surpassing the rigorous training and become members of an elite squad. SWAT teams often are called to the front lines of suicide prevention as well as hostage negotiation. Being constantly involved in the outcome of human life is both a courageous and dangerous job that only a few are able to accel in.

SWAT challenge coins stem from the long-standing tradition of police challenge coins. These custom coins are used to commend excellence and bravery in the line of duty and to distinguish individual teams and departments. Challenge coins are an incredible means of building camaraderie and act as a tangible marker to display both gratitude and pride for an elite team.

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Signature Coins has been crafting unique SWAT challenge coins, as well as custom Law Enforcement challenge coins for a diverse range of departments around the country for over 15 years. We specialize in supplying completely personalized challenge coins and strive for the best quality workmanship and customer service available.

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SWAT Training

Becoming a member of a SWAT team is no easy task. According to PoliceOne, you must start as a Police Officer and apply to the program from within your department after at least 2-3 years of service. Some level of higher education in a related field is preferred for all applicants and then they must get ready for a range of physical fitness test. Applicants are judged on strength and endurance and must prove again and again that they are among the elite in Law Enforcement in physical ability. Even after an applicant joins a SWAT team, they can expect yearly training and physical fitness testing to ensure that they remain at the top of their game. 

Apart from all of this, SWAT team members go through a psych evaluation that can help discern an individual's capability in key attributes that every member of SWAT must have. They need to be proficient in quick, calculated, response under pressure in high-risk situations, as well as possessing an ability to work well in close teams and communicate with precision and intelligence. On top of all of this, a knowledge and use of a wide range of tactical weapons and firearms must be mastered.

Getting through training to join a Special Weapons and Tactics team takes years of prior service and preparation. For those elite few who achieve their goals and receive a team assignment have reached a momentous milestone in their career. SWAT challenge coins can be used to commemorate to occasion and bestowed a marker of pride and accomplishment on those men and women who have joined the rank to the best of the best in Law Enforcement. 

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On-Call All the Time

SWAT Teams can be called into action at a moments notice. They are the first responders for standoff situations with armed gunman: the kind of situations that put the lives of Law Enforcement officials and civilians alike into danger.

On April 20, 1999, one member of the Denver Police Department, Jamie Smith, was at home with his family doing normal chores around the house and running errands when he was called into service. He and his SWAT team were the first the breach Columbine High School during the infamous attack. He said that at the breach, he felt himself lose composure, and fear set in, however, after taking a moment to compose himself he was able to let his training take over.

It just goes to show that SWAT team members are a different caliber of Law Enforcement. Every day they are ready to combat the most dangerous and sometimes horrific scenarios. Each member of the team possesses tremendous skill, intelligence, and training, but even more than that, they have courage in the face of the unknown. 

Jamie Smith said that it is important to remember that, when you are apart of a Special Weapons and Tactics team, you have the best training and the best support that you could ever have. Be confident and have faith in your team and you can get through anything!

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Roles within SWAT Teams

Being in a Special Weapons and Tactics Team requires a diverse rang expertise that puts you above the standard level of Law Enforcement. That being said, team members are still broken up into specialized roles to ensure that individuals can excel in the areas in which they have been the most proficient. According to renowned police trainer Lt. Dan Marcou, these are just some of the important roles that make up a SWAT team:

  • Team Leader
  • Tactical Team Operator
  • Counter-Sniper/Observer
  • Crisis Negotiator
  • Investigator
  • Munitions Expert/Grenadier
  • Breacher
  • Armorer
  • Quartermaster
  • Shield Specialist

These and many others are all vitally important positions inside each team. The Quartermaster, for instance, looks after all of the team’s equipment and ensures that each team member is prepared for any circumstance. The Crisis Negotiator takes over when hostages are involved and is responsible for the lives of so many. And it is said that the better Breacher you have, the safer your team will be! All of these roles and many others come together to create a specialized team ready to take on the direst situations.

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