Challenge Coin Design Template

Our challenge coin design template was designed by Signature Coins artists to be easy to use and to give you the opportunity to include all of the needed information for getting the first proof of your coins designed and delivered quickly. With sections for marking which plating, edge and other customization options you'd like to make use of are included towards the bottom of the page. Also, our handy size guide is included. We know it can be difficult to get an accurate mental image of what a 2" coin really looks like, but with our visual references, you'll be better able to get an idea.

  1. Download
  2. Draw your design and check all that apply in the bottom portion
  3. Take a photo or scan
  4. Attach to your email or upload when filling out the quote form.

Download Our Design Template

We make creating custom challenge coins easy!

But we would prefer you hear it directly from other customers 😉