What items should I look for on my proof once I receive it

spelling and brand specifications for designing a coin

Check for spelling

  • This is always an important step, but it's particularely important for designs with text in any language other than English. Our artists will double check to make sure all spelling matches the designs you send over, but a second pair of eyes is always a good idea.
  • Make sure that all brand specific guidelines were followed.

Brand Guidelines

  • Our artists will make sure to follow any brand specific guidelines you set forth, but you know your team and your company better than we do. Double check that all brand colors, logos and needed trademarks are properly in place.
  • If you're unsure about any specific Pantone color, be sure to ask.
Checking custom coin proofs

Review Specs

  • You should also check for accuracy of colors, coin size and design. The bottom portion of your proof displays the size, chosen coin edge, the chosen colors on both sides of your coin, plating, and any upgrade options you have selected.
  • It's important to remember that artwork is not to scale in proof images. Check the graph on the lower left-hand side of your proof image for the best reference to your coin's size.

Make Changes

  • If any of that information is different from what you requested, contact your sales representative and send over any revisions. Our artists will revise based on your feedback free of charge. We will make as many revisions necessary until your design is perfect.

Review Order Details

  • Double check the quantity you're ordering, as well as the final size of your custom coin.

Make a Payment

  • If you're happy with the design proof, and your order details are correct, click "Order this Quote" at bottom of your quote.
    You will be directed to a checkout page where you can then make a payment and provide shipping info.
signature coins making a payment

Production starts as soon as a payment has been made. Changes are not accepted after production has started.

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