What kinds of paints are used to add color to my coin

When it comes to picking the best colors for your challenge coins, we offer more than just the spectrum of Pantone colors.

Soft Enamel

Soft enamel colorfill is a process by which paint is added to the recessed areas of your coin. The raised metal within the design are used to keep the colors from bleeding into one another.


Cloisonné (Hard Enamel)

With this process, paint is still added to the recessed areas of the coin, but unlike with soft enamel, the color is added in layers until it reaches the top of the metal lines.

SignatureCoins Paw Cutout Hard Enamel

Read Soft vs Hard Enamel for more differences between soft and hard enamel.

Translucent Enamel

Solid enamel doesn’t allow light to pass through, whereas translucent colorfill allows some of the coin’s metal plating to shine through from underneath.

Read Adding Translucent Colorfill for more on translucent enamel.


Glitter Enamel

To create glitter enamel, our production team carefully mixes glitter and a clear adhesive into the enamel paint. The adhesive makes sure that the glitter binds with the enamel paint. The pieces of glitter mixed into the paint create a textured, sandy feeling surface.


Read Glitter vs. Translucent Enamel to know which one is right for your custom coin.

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