What is a challenge coin

A challenge coin is a custom made coin designed to represent an organization or team. The people in a team are given challenge coins as proof of membership, and as a mark of respect and honor. Read more "What is a Challenge Coin".

What is a 2D challenge coin 2D by Signature Coins Military Challenge Coins

The purpose of many military coins is to build camaraderie, celebrate team history, and honor service.

Corporate Challenge Coins

Fortune 500 companies have custom coins made for branding purposes. Corporate coins are sometimes given to employees for recognition and appreciation.

Other Purposes

Challenge coins are also made to commemorate special events and in honor of important achievements. For more custom coin uses click here.

What does a challenge coin look like?

Traditional custom coins are round, and feature custom artwork. Thanks to advancements in the molding and minting process, today's coins are more intricate with 3D art, dual plating, engraving and have dual functions.

Challenge Coin History

There are several origin stories regarding the history of challenge coins, but the first recorded use of challenge coins custom made for a unit came from the United States Army during the Korean War (17th Infantry) and the Vietnam War (10th Special Forces Group-A).

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