What Is a Box Frame Belt Buckle

Box frame belt buckles are designed for webbed belts. There is a hollow box on the back side of the buckle that has two windows for the belt to slide through. Inside the box frame is a lock pin that the belt slides over to get to the other side. The inside of the box frame is cut to allow the lock pin to slide from left to right with the belt as it is inserted and pushed through the buckle.

The lock pin is lined with teeth that catch the fabric of the belt and hold it in place. By sliding the lock pin to the right, you can secure the belt from slipping. To take off the belt, slide the lock pin to the left and the webbed belt will be able to slide freely out of the box frame.

Box frame belt buckles do not work with leather belts or traditional style belts with prong holes on the strap. They only work with webbed belts, which are made from fabric and do not have prong holes on the strap.

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