Is it possible to reorder the same coin design later down the line

Yes, we store every customer’s coin molds for up to two years between every order. If you would like to reorder the same coins within that two-year time frame, production will take less time, and there will be no additional mold and set up fees because everything is already prepared for our production team. After a coin design is reordered, we will restart the clock and hold your coin molds for two years starting on the date of the reorder.

If you reorder a design outside of the two-year time frame, our production team will have to recreate the molds for you.

Reordering with Changes

It is important to know that for a two-sided coin design, there are two coin molds. If you would like to reorder a coin design but change one of the sides, our production team will only have to create one new mold for the second order of coins. Take this design as an example:

Challenge coin reorder challenge coin design

If you don't make any art changes, you can change the plating of your coin design, without paying a new mold fee.

Challenge coin reorder challenge coin plating

For more on reorders read "Updating Your Challenge Coin Design Without Changing the Mold"

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