What metal plating should I choose for my coins


Gold plating with Signature Coins is offered in either Antique or High Polish options. This plating is most popular with the United States Army and Coast Guard.


Like gold, silver plating is offered in both the Antique and High Polish options. Antique silver gives your coin a sense of age and durability. Both are extremely popular with Naval customers and corporate clients.


Also available in antique or high polish. Each coin is plated in copper and then polished to a beautiful bright reddish shine.

Black Metal Powder Coating

Black metal conveys strength and durability. The matte-like finish of black metal lends itself perfectly to brighter colored paints and designs.


Nickel plating is something everyone should be familiar with as it often coats household products. With Signature Coins, our nickel plating options include both Antique and Black Nickel.

Dual or Multiplating

On standard sized coins, multi-plating is generally kept down to two metal platings. Larger coins can use more than 2 platings. In general, multi-plating adds time to production time.

Iridescent Plating

For a more psychedelic look, you can choose our rainbow metal plating option. This affect is achieved when the coin is plated in certain reactive metals (aluminum, steel or titanium most often), and then exposed to extreme heat.

Colored Metal Finishes

With the colored metal options, you can apply a base color to the coin that will allow your logo or custom colors to pop.

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