What Is the Difference Between a 2D and 3D Challenge Coin

Traditional challenge coins are round, and they feature custom artwork of a team’s emblem, mottos, important locations, and the dates of special events.

The difference is that 2D challenge coins have two levels of metal, the raised and recessed areas (striked and non-striked).

What is a 2D challenge coin 2D by Signature Coins

While traditional 2D challenge coins offer plenty of room for intricate artwork, a 3D Challenge Coin allows for realistic detail. 3D coins have an unlimited number of levels which means we can round edges and create smooth gradations between the raised and recessed areas on 3D challenge coins.

What is a 3D challenge coin with bottle opener by signature coins

Both 2D and 3D coins have physical characteristics that change the look, feel and weight of your coin. Neither options are necessarily better than the other and both are effective for creating different designs. Ultimately, deciding which is best for you is an important part of the initial design process.

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Linda P.

Date of experience: February 28, 2023

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