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A Tradition That Transcends Its Origins

Have you been wanting to introduce challenge coins into your company culture but felt like you were excluded from the tradition because you never served in the military or law enforcement? The good news is there’s no reason for your team to be excluded at all. The challenge coin tradition may have begun with the armed forces, but since its origin, it’s spread like wildfire, and corporate coins have become commonplace across the globe, especially with so many veterans entering the corporate space over the years.

Everyone from NFL teams to Harley-Davidson motorcycle owners, members of the Utah Symphony and Opera to winners of the International Genetically Engineered Machine  Competition have designed and awarded challenge coins. Even fans of the show Breaking Bad received a challenge coin upon purchasing the complete series Blu-ray box set. If all of those people can have challenge coins, why not your company?

What Can Corporate Coins Do for You?

With their history in the armed forces, challenge coins have long been a way to boost morale and instill a sense of belonging and team unity. Because the challenge coins were mostly given out on special occasions, they’ve historically had a unique significance to the recipient. This tradition extends to corporate coins. Some of the popular types of corporate coins we’ve created in the past include:
  • Years of service coins
  • Leadership coins  
  • Company retreat coins
  • Employee excellence coins
  • Employee appreciation coins
  • Many more
Employees who receive a corporate coin inevitably feel a sense of pride and honor at being recognized. Studies show that employees who feel that their work and accomplishments are recognized and appreciated tend to increase in productivity and are less likely to look for employment elsewhere.

Furthermore, the existence of challenge coins within a corporate office gives employees something to strive for, and a stronger drive to go above and beyond what might generally be expected of them. That kind of increased productivity and drive translates to well a oiled office and happier staff. 
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Stand out Among the Crowd

Trade shows and conferences are common events in the corporate world. Chances are you and your employees are gearing up for such an event even now. One of the common types of company challenge coins we create are promotional coins. The sea of stress balls commonly distributed at corporate events work to reinforce the notions of work being difficult and stressful. With the unique gift of corporate challenge coins, you’ll be able to stand out on the crowded conference floor and change the perception about company life in a way that’s sure to get people talking.

But why stop with handing out coins to other conference goers? One of the great things about company challenge coins at a business conference or tradeshow floor is that they can be excellent conversation starters. By bringing your coins with you, you give yourself the opportunity to educate other attendees about the creation of a challenge coin tradition within your office, and what the outcome of such a program has been for your employees. 

If the point of these events is to get people networking and capture attention, what better way to do that than handing out something that’s an immediate conversation starter?
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Starting From the Ground Up

If you’re looking to bring a challenge coin tradition into your office for the first time, the first thing you’ll need to do is decide on a reason or justification for the program. One of the easiest challenge coin programs to enact is a years-of-service recognition program. 

This challenge coin tradition commemorates the years your employees have been with the company through the presentation of challenge coins. The coins are designed and ordered as part of a challenge coin series. The front face of all of the coins can be the same, but the back face can be stamped with the particular number of years being celebrated with each coin. 

Showing that you not only remember an employee’s hire date but that you value their contributions to your company and look forward to many more years with them is the kind of small gesture that resonates with the entirety of your workforce. And when these kinds of traditions get started, it can often be like a snowball rolling down a hil: They only get bigger and more expansive as time goes on. Beginning with a years-of-service challenge coin tradition will naturally lead to the creation of a number of different reasons and causes for creating and distributing challenge coins to your team. 

Join the Ranks

The list of top companies who have decided to make corporate coins with Signature Coins is always expanding. Places like Facebook, Coca-Cola, NASCAR, Microsoft and NASA have all taken advantage of our exceptional customer service and expertise. And just like you, each of the challenge coin traditions of those companies had to begin somewhere. Why shouldn’t your company be mentioned alongside these powerhouses?

With a simple and streamlined order process and free shipping within the continental U.S., Signature Coins is the best place for your company challenge coin needs. Call or fill out our easy and straightforward contact form today in order to receive your free artwork and quote. And the best news is if you aren’t happy with the first version of the artwork, you’re allowed to make edits and suggest revisions free of charge. 

The creation of your custom corporate coins is in your hands. The future and the new traditions you’ll be able to start with them is limited only by your own imagination. And the benefits you’ll see in employee morale are endless.   
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