St. Louis Challenge Coins From Your Summer Vacation

Posted by Signature Coins | March 15, 2012 at 12:11pm | Topic: Challenge Coins

Remind yourself of this summer’s vacation to St. Louis by purchasing challenge coins wherever you go. Designed to be the ultimate souvenir, these unique pieces of memorabilia are personal and meaningful for the people that collect them. In addition to reminding them of the places they visited, they also reflect the festivals, parades, and other special events attended.

St. Louis challenge coins are bold and attractive. Each is its own unique size, shape, and style. This allows you to pick up custom coins for everyone in your family as well as your closest friends. Everyone will be thrilled to have such an amazing souvenir challenge coins from St. Louis.

Custom challenge coins are easy to store and are typically packaged in a PVC bag or attached to a piece of custom cardstock for presentation purposes. They can also be placed in a velvet bag, a velvet box or an acrylic coin capsule for safekeeping. Challenge coin collections are displayed in homes and offices worldwide.

Gift shop owners and organizers of festivals can contact us with their challenge coin requests any time of year. In addition to providing our customers with free price quotes and full color digital proofs, we also offer free design services and artwork. Our website is located at Visit it today to learn more about the types of custom St. Louis challenge coins you might find on your trip.

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