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Some Helpful Tips and Information About Ordering Your Custom Challenge Coins

Posted by Signature Coins | February 10, 2011 at 10:38am | Topic: Challenge Coin Design

For those who are not familiar with custom challenge coins, placing an order can introduce an overwhelming amount of options and information. As experts of custom challenge coin manufacturing, we address the inquiries and concerns of new clients every day. Today we are sharing a few suggestions based on our industry knowledge and experience. Our goal is not only to help eliminate the possibility of future design conflicts but also to will increase the ease of simple ordering process.

Quality Coins Require Superior Images

Your challenge coin design can include any image, or multiple images, that you choose. However, if the graphic art for your custom coin was not created by us, it has to be the appropriate quality in order coins to look their absolute best. We advise our customers, who are submitting their own artwork, to provide images that are clear and high resolution. Coins with 3D areas or that are using offset printed images should be 300 dpi (dots per inch).

Epoxy Domes and Engraving Do Not Mix

Adding an epoxy finish to your coin will give it quite a bit of shine, but you might want to skip this option if your heart is set on future engraving. Epoxy will not allow the coin surface to be engraved. So, we recommend you either do not use an epoxy if you are planning to engrave the coin in the future or have us engrave your coins and apply the finish as a part of your order.

Digital Proofs and 3D Images

Depending on the details in the challenge coin design, creating the digital proof will require additional time. Examples of this are coins with 3D images and designs containing a lot of content or that have more than one design choice. We ask that our artists be allowed additional to develop the graphics and draw your full color digital proof(s).

Packaging and Presentation Options

How your coin is packaged plays a part in how it will be received. We offer several different presentation options for you to choose from, including clear acrylic cases and velvet boxes. To view all of our presentation options, visit the following web page, http://www.signaturecoins.com/presentation.htm/.

The Best of Bottle Openers

When ordering custom challenge coins as bottle openers, the shape and size are an important factor in the ease of its use. We have found that the 2.75 inch rectangular shaped bottle opener works very well compared to other sizes and shapes.

Do not let an unfamiliarity with custom products like challenge coins prevent you from creating the best gifts and keepsakes available. By trusting and industry leader like Signature Coins you increase your chances of not only learning more about custom coins but also arriving at the perfect coin with each and every order you place.

Call our office today so our artists can get started on your free digital proof. Our toll free number is 1-800-953-3607. Or you can submit your ideas and requests by emailing info@signaturecoins.com. We appreciate your patronage!



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