Should I Use Sequential Engraved Numbering on the Side or on the Edge of My Custom Challenge Coin?

Posted by Signature Coins | March 8, 2011 at 2:25pm | Topic: Challenge Coin Design

With the wide assortment of design options that are available, sequential engraved numbering is the best way to clearly establish a series of collectible challenge coins. While this add-on feature can be described simply as including a series number on your custom challenge coin, where you should place this number may require just a little more thought.

There are two areas of the challenge coin in which you can add your sequential numbering, on the side (front or back, face) or on the edge. Both areas have their own benefits as well as distinct differences. Which option you choose depends on the impression you want your customized coin to make.

Do you want your recipients to easily recognize that they have received a unique collectible coin? If you answered yes to this question, then using sequential numbering on the side of your challenge coin is the perfect choice.

Far from subtle, placing your coin’s series number on the on front or back side of the challenge coin makes its value plainly obvious. The sequence number, in all its boldness and importance appears on the coin's face. Though it shares its display area with the general challenge coin design, it still demands its own level of attention.

On the other hand, sequential edge numbering, just as the name suggests, is applied on the challenge coin’s outer edge. This is the ideal option for you if you want your challenge coin design to remain the center of attention. Because the edge of the coin is a significantly smaller display area, the sequence number appears smaller making it a subtle design feature.

Something else to consider, when deciding where you will place your sequential numbering, is the size of your overall challenge coin design. There have been instances when the coin’s design details require the use of its entire surface area. In this situation we recommend using sequential edge numbering, that is if you do not wish to revise the design.

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