Rubber Duckie Shaped Custom Challenge Coins Bring Out the Kid in You

Posted by Signature Coins | October 8, 2014 at 7:52pm | Topic: Challenge Coin

January 13th is affectionately referred to as Rubber Duckie Day. The popular toy was first manufactured in the late 19th century where they were made from hard rubber. Sculptor Peter Ganine created a sculpture of a duck in the 1940s, then reproduced it as the floating toy that we know today. The patented design’s sales were over 50,000,000.

Different variations of the rubber duckie exist for novelty purposes. The item is iconic in Western pop culture. It’s linked to bathing. Jim Henson helped further the popularity of the rubber duckie by having his Sesame Street character, Ernie, sing the song “Rubber Duckie” to his toy duck.

Preparing for Special Events is Easy with Signature Coins

Toy stores and novelty shops around the country prepare for Rubber Duckie Day in a number of different ways. One is by having gifts they can give away to customers who purchase a certain dollar amount of merchandise. Among the items they hand out is custom challenge coins. The attractive mementos make customers feel valued.

Custom challenge coins are crafted from metal and designed to meet a business’ needs. Careful attention is paid to the artwork and text that goes onto the front and back of the coins. This ensures that each and every company that orders custom challenge coins for Rubber Duckie Day gets exactly what they requested. Revisions are part of the design process and strongly encouraged to ensure accuracy and overall satisfaction with the product.

Give a Novel Gift to People This January

Bring out the kid in the people around you. Create a rubber duckie-shaped challenge coin to hand out January 13th. Encourage a sense of playfulness wherever you go. Your design will make people smile. That’s your intention, right?

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