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The wonder of flight is an inspiration for freedom, for innovation, and for excitement. The vision of the Royal Australian Air Force is to take to the skies and control the air with precision. The values of intelligence, surveillance, response, and air mobility enable combat and operational support to the nation of Australia and emphasizes the importance of the Royal Australian Air Force.

Australian Defence Force challenge coins are designed to honor the service men and women who have dedicated their lives to the protection of Australia. Unique designs incorporate team-specific emblems, traditions, and designations to add a emotional weight to the coins and ensure that soldiers will carry them with a sense of fulfillment. 

Royal Australian Air Force challenge coins remind soldiers that the sky is never the limit. They are symbols that anything is possible through a commitment to teamwork, integrity, and innovation. Mastering the skies of the world takes organization, advanced technology, and a dedication to team character. Teams that receive Royal Australian Air Force challenge coins carry them as a symbol of the spirit of adventure and display them with honor.

Signature Coins has been making original designs for custom challenge coins for over 15 years. We take pride in our profession and work diligently ensure our coins do justice in personifying the qualities and histories of the service men and women that have sworn to protect Australia. 

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The Cornerstones of the Royal Australian Air Force
Heritage, Tradition, and The Future

Air Marshal Richard Williams is widely considered to be the father of Royal Australian Air Force. Having started training as a pilot in 1914, Williams was positioned as a flight commander to No. 1 Squadron, AFC only two years later. The team’s first assignments were in support of ground forces advancing into Palestine. He took command of the squadron in 1917 after receiving the Distinguished Service Order for rescuing a fellow pilot who was shot down in enemy territory.

During World War II, Williams served as the Royal Australian Air Force representative in Washington. After the war ended, he was appointed Director General of Civil Aviation in Australia and worked diligently until his retirement. 

In his career, Williams served an integral role in forming the culture, mission, and precedent for all service members of the Royal Australian Air Force. Many cornerstones and traditions call back to the time in which the Air Force was first being formed and Williams served as one of the first officers, molding the future of the service.

Traditions and practices like the Dawn Service, Remembrance Day, and the Last Post are respected ceremonies that also play a significant role in molding the culture of the Royal Australian Air Force. The long history and incredible heritage of the service are all apart of the incredible future plans of creating a 5th generation Air Force for Australia. 

The Air Force Strategy 2017-2027 has outlined 5 distinct areas of  improvement that will build the Royal Australian Air Force into an even more capable power in the skies of the world.

  • Joint Warfighting Capability
  • People Capability
  • Communication and Information Systems
  • Infrastructure
  • International Engagement

The Royal Australian Air Force will focus on building new and improved technologies, programs, and vehicles, while keeping the people who make up the service as the utmost priority. Without the brave and innovative service men and women that dedicate themselves to the protection of the nation, the Royal Australian Air Force would be nothing.

Royal Australian Air Force challenge coins honor the past and set the example for the future. They personify the values of respect, excellence, agility, dedication, integrity, and teamwork.




Challenge Coin Examples


How to Use Custom Challenge Coins 


Signature Coins designs compelling and original artwork for challenge coins and produces the best quality products on the market. Royal Australian Air Force challenge coins are used to reward soldiers who have performed services above and beyond the call of duty, to distinguish a soldier’s bravery in the line of fire, and to promote team unity.

Superior officers commission custom coins for the squads and teams under their leadership and include design cues like emblems, mission statement, and goals in artwork. Designations, important dates for anniversaries or team accomplishments, and depictions of air vehicles and home bases are commonly included as well. 

When used to reward excellent service, custom Royal Australian Air Force challenge coins promote a culture of teamwork and excellent service. Some of the military installations that use challenge coins in the Air Force include:

  • The Russell Offices complex in Canberra
  • RAAF Base Williamtown
  • RAAF Base Glenbrook
  • RAAF Base Richmond
  • RAAF Base Wagga
  • RAAF Base Darwin
  • RAAF Base Tindal
  • RAAF Base Townsville
  • RAAF Base Amberley
  • RAAF Base Scherger
  • RAAF Base Edinburgh
  • Woomera Range Complex
  • RAAF Base Pearce 
  • RAAF Base Curtin
  • RAAF Base Learmonth
  • RAAF Base East Sale
  • RAAF Base Williams

Each base is home to a diverse set of fliers, soldiers, and support personnel. Custom Royal Australian Air Force challenge coins celebrate their difference and remind each service man and woman of their value and influence within the organization.

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Royal Australian Air Force challenge coins symbolize a service member's ability to put the safety of others perform personal wellbeing.

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