Relationship Wellness Month Custom Challenge Coins

Posted by Signature Coins | January 15, 2014 at 7:48pm | Topic: Challenge Coins

February is Relationship Wellness Month. It’s also the same month that Valentine’s Day is observed. Why not encourage healthier relationships through the use of your products and services? We can create a custom challenge coin for your business or organization that promotes all you have to offer the public.

Custom Coins Offer Encouragement

Custom challenge coins are the type of item that encourages people. If you want them to take notice of you as a business owner, you can create a special gift to hand out to new customers or customers that have spent a certain amount of money with you. This is a great way to make a long lasting impression on the people that could benefit from your products and services.

Custom Coins are Outstanding in Appearance

There are a number of different ways to make your challenge coins stand out. Think about it for a second. Do you have an emblem or logo that other people know well? How would that look in 3D on your coins? What about a decorative edge? Or, better yet, a bottle opener? The next time one of your customers is out celebrating his or her relationship, he or she will have a helpful tool that will assist them with opening bottled beverages.

Custom Coins are Incredibly Personal

Challenge coins are incredibly personal. They’re crafted with care from quality materials which help them become keepsakes that are held onto for years and years. Coins have a long history of honoring the people that they’re given to. Therefore receiving a coin is the highest of compliments.

Create custom challenge coins for your business or organization. We can help you come up with a design in plenty of time for Relationship Wellness Month and Valentine’s Day. Email your request for a no obligation, free price quote to You can also call 1-800-953-3607 toll-free. We’re here to assist you with your request and will do everything we possibly can to make sure that you’re completely satisfied with your order.

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