Promoting Crime Prevention with Custom Challenge Coins

Posted by Signature Coins | October 11, 2011 at 9:14pm | Topic: Challenge Coins

Crime prevention is something that law enforcement officers promote rather heavily in their cities and communities. That is why many offer a rewards program for tips leading to the arrest of individuals involved with violent crime. Custom challenge coins honoring tipsters are becoming more and more common. In fact, I just read a story on about WKRC-TV reporter Deb Dixon. She was rewarded for her 30 years of service with a gold challenge coin for her involvement with CrimeStoppers, a group she helped found.

Custom challenge coins are great motivational tools and award items. Although most crime prevention programs rely on anonymous tips, many callers leave their names whenever they provide information about a crime. This allows law enforcement agencies and the crime prevention organizations to personally thank them. Banquets and other types of award ceremonies are held in their honor and custom challenge coins are handed out accordingly. This allows each tipster to see his or her efforts paying off.

Challenge coins can be created in a way that draws attention to the prevention of crime. A piece of custom cardstock highlighting information about the program you’re promoting or safety tips can be included with the coins as a way of reminding the public to get involved. Neighborhood Watch Programs can promote their programs this way very easily.

Presentations options exist for a number of different reasons. First of all, they offer you an elegant way to showcase the coins that you award to recipients. Next, they give the owner of the coin a safe place to keep their memento. Last but not least, velvet bags and boxes, acrylic coin cases and stands help display coins. People can keep entire collections in their home or office with very little effort.

Promote your crime prevention program with custom challenge coins. Versatile and long lasting, they are just what you need to make your program successful. Visit today. You can also submit your design ideas to us by phone by calling 1-800-953-3607 toll-free or emailing

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