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Presentation Options

A Wide Selection of Presentation Options.

Presentation Options

Attractive Presentation Options for Custom Challenge Coins

When it comes to protecting your collectibles, going that extra mile by selecting premium packaging is one way to preserve the quality and workmanship of your custom challenge coins. From simple envelopes to extravagant boxes, you will find several different presentation options to choose from below.

Each custom challenge coin is individually wrapped in a plastic sleeve. Although an effective way to store and display a challenge coin collection, special occasions call for something more extravagant.

Presentation options must be ordered with an order of challenge coins.

PVC Envelope

PVC Envelopes

This economical yet sturdy plastic protects coins from scratches and dust. Its biggest appeal results from its ability to present both the front and back of a custom challenge coin with minimal effort.

(FREE With Coin Order)

Plastic Coin Capsules

Plastic Coin Capsules

Coin capsules form a barrier between your item and dust and dirt. The fit-to-shape design of this vessel makes transporting your collectibles effortless.

($0.60 per capsule)

Velvet Coin Bags

Velvet Bags

Soft, beautiful velvet bags work well for presentation ceremonies as well as for storage of custom challenge coins. Easy-to-stash away and pull out when needed, these items do not require a lot of space or effort to maintain.

($0.55 per bag)


Acrylic Coin Cases

Acrylic Coin Cases

Hinge lidded acrylic coin cases make it possible to keep your treasured keepsakes safe and secure. Their compact design make them easy to store and display.

($1.00 per case)

Velvet Coin Boxes

Velvet Coin Boxes

Elegant and functional, velvet coin boxes are frequently used with military challenge official presentation ceremonies. This packaging option is perfect for any occasion where appearance is the central focus. It is great for protecting coins from dust and damage.

($4.00 per box)

Plastic Stands

Plastic Stands

Keep items at arm’s reach with these easy-to-use, affordable presentation option. In addition to keeping coins upright, these items can be used inside of shadowboxes, display cabinets or placed on a shelf or mantelpiece for maximum exposure.

($0.25 per stand)

What’s Included?

Our services include…

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