How to Make Police Challenge Coins

Honoring Service With a Meaningful Police Challenge Coin Design

At the core of of every custom police challenge coin are the men and women in blue. The design is a reflection of their story and a mark of honor. While it may seem like a tall order to come up with a unique police challenge coin design from scratch, we have a quick and easy way to get started with just a few important design elements. Here’s what you need:

Ingredients for the Perfect Police Challenge Coin Design

sheriff starDepartment badge
stampCity seal
mottoTeam motto
platingMetal finish
shieldUnit name and logo
edgeCoin edge
custom shapeCoin shape

How to Create a Custom Police Challenge Coin Using These Elements

Decide on a shape for your coins. Popular shapes include badges, handcuff bottle openers, coins shaped like states, and traditional round challenge coins, but we can create just about any custom shape you can think of. Police coin Recipe step 1 by signature coins
Decide where to place the emblems and mottos on your coin design. Badges, team mottos and state seals can be implemented into the design using 3D artwork, laser engraving and traditional soft enamel just to name a few.
Police coin Recipe step 2 by signature coins
Choose a metal finish and the enamel colors for the design. Dual plating is available if you want to combine two or more different types of metal plating options. We can match Pantone colors to ensure that your coins are a perfect match for any department logos or unit emblems.
Police coin Recipe step 3 by signature coins

Once you have all this information, fill out a free quote form on our website, and we’ll set to work on your custom police challenge coin design. All artwork and revisions are free, so there will be plenty of opportunities to refine the design.

These directions are just basic building blocks for making a unique police challenge coin design. Feel free to use our challenge coin design template to sketch out your ideas, and try to think of new and interesting ways to include the familiar police challenge coin design elements in new and interesting ways!

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