Oversized and Unique Shaped Challenge Coins Are Complementary in Any Setting

Posted by Signature Coins | July 19, 2011 at 12:38pm | Topic: Challenge Coins

When you think of a challenge coin, what comes to mind? Do you envision a small, circular object with a message imprinted on it or do you see something larger, more unique and valuable? The image that you pictured is most likely do in part to your own personal preferences and experience with custom challenge coins. If you have seen a few before, you know that they can be created in a variety sizes, shapes, styles, and colors. That's because they are designed with you in mind.

Whatever the occasion, Signature Coins is your go-to source for personal and memorable custom coins. Once we have a better idea of what is going to be included on your custom challenge coin, we make recommendations in regards to size and shape. This is after we create complimentary artwork for you and submit a full color digital proof to you via email. This allows you to see your ideas take life and make any corrections as you see fit. We never charge for artwork or revisions and you are never under any obligation to buy. We want you to get the custom shaped challenge coins in the size that best fits your needs.

Sometimes an occasion calls for a larger coin. If this is the case for your special event, make sure that you mention this when you speak to your sales representative. Larger challenge coins are novel and interesting. That's why they are so popular. People like the idea of having something visible and attractive to look at day in and day out.

In the photograph that we have used as an example, you see a variety of different shapes. That's because each challenge coin created reflects the customer that orders it. The grenade shaped coin in the middle is one of the most noticeable. Instead of taking away from the design, it actually enhances it. That's what makes custom challenge coins so desirable for groups of all sizes. Coins can be made for every type of occasion not just those that are military related. Real estate agents, firefighters, academic institutions, and sports teams are increasingly becoming challenge coin customers

If you have a great concept that you want translated into a custom coin, give us a call at 1-800-953-3607 toll-free or email info@signaturecoins.com. You can also visit http://www.signaturecoins.com/coin-pricing.htm/ to see additional samples of coins that we have created for our customers. If you want an oversized or unique shaped challenge coin, we're the one to contact.

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