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Posted by Adrian Alexander | Monday April 15th, 2019 | Topic: Design

Expanding the Offered Edge Options

As a custom coin company, our goal is always to give our customers as many options as possible to help bring their visions to life. On our website, we make it a point to feature as many coins as we can that best show off some of the most popular, and some of the most intricate, designs imaginable in order to give customers an idea of what’s common and what’s possible. 

When you’re looking at the Signature Coins pricing page, you’ll notice a list of six different edge options for your coins. However, we wouldn’t be making good on our goal to bring all of our customers’ visions to life if we stopped at only six edge options. The edge upgrades you see listed are simply the most common edges found on custom coins. They’re all perfectly suitable for any coin design. If none of those choices suit your needs, then the good news is, just like the rest of your coin, the only limits to the edge are those of your own imagination.

The flat edge option might seem to be the most simple and boring choice available, but did you know it’s actually the option that gives you the most leeway in your customization options? What follows is a collection of coins that chose the flat edge option and then went on to design their own unique edge. 

Simple But Unique

Not all custom edges are chosen because they’re more complex than the standard options featured on our site. Some of the custom edges chosen are actually simple, but that doesn’t make them any less unique.


The coins above make use of a simple design of repeated dots or squares around the edge. For the Triumf coin in particular, this edge option changes the feel of the coin in hand in a unique way.

signaturecoins-notsoflatedge-iron-legacy-tennessee-motorcycle coin

One option that’s popular among motorcycle clubs and bike enthusiasts is to get a bike chain stamped around the edge of their coin. This design is more detailed and complex than dots or squares, and it’s something that tends to be more personal to the customer or group ordering the coins. Also, because of the nature of a bike chain, the design perfectly lends itself to being repeated around the edge of the coin.


Other designs are less suited to such repetition, but lend themselves perfectly as accents to the edge. The cherry blossoms in the above coin could have been extended around the entire edge of the coin, but the use of them to break up the text allows the blossoms to be more unique and less like a perfectly stamped image. There’s something natural about that small design element since no two cherry blossoms are exactly the same. In addition to the cherry blossoms, this coin also makes use of our sequential edge engraving to make the true edge of the coin as unique as the edge on each coin face. 

No Design is Too Complex

If simple shapes or cherry blossoms aren’t your thing, perhaps a more unique and custom design is the better way to go.

signature-coins-CustomEdges-Nam Knights-Motorcycle2

Taking the edge design to the next level means making use of a 3D coin mold. The barbed wire on this NAM Knights coin is the only element of the coin that’s done is 3D. While the rest of the coin has one raised and one recessed level, the edge makes use of more levels to add a greater detail and bring the barbs out into sharper relief. The feel of this coin in hand is remarkably different from other edge options.


Instead of 3D design elements, another option is to make use of our cut-to-shape coin designs. This coin for the 407th Air Expeditionary Group within the U.S. Air Force not only made use of interlocking chain links on the edge of each coin face, but also cut the true edge of the coin into a complementary shape.

Walk the Edge Your Way

For the usual edge options listed on our site, the standard flat, rope and spur edges are all offered for free with your order. One of the things each of the coins in this article have in common is that the orders all technically make use of the standard flat edge option. That means that neither the dots around the edge of the first coin nor the 3D barbed wire of the NAM Kinghts coin incurred any extra charge for the edge itself.

If you can have an edge that’s as unique as you are without any additional charge, is there any reason to pass on that option? Each of the edge options presented on our site bring something different and unique to the coins they’re added to, but if you’re looking to create a coin the likes of which have never been seen before, consider doing something special with the edge of your coin.

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