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New Year’s Eve Challenge Coins Give People Reason to Celebrate

With New Year’s Eve fast approaching, doesn’t it make sense to ring in 2012 right?  One of the most obvious ways you can do just that is by offering custom challenge coins to partygoers and VIP guests.  A smart way to advertise your restaurant, nightclub or tourist attraction, these unique tokens of appreciation can contain valuable information about your business which can make it easier for customers to reach out to you.

For example, did you know that calling cards and business cards have become virtually obsolete?  That’s because custom challenge coins have replaced them.  Unlike paper products that disintegrate over time, challenge coins are durable and long lasting.  They can be imprinted with the phone number, email address or website URL for your business and passed out at your special New Year’s Eve event.  This gives people a great impression of you as the owner and also makes it easier for them to reach you at a later date.  This is also a great way to drum up new business through referrals.

Custom challenge coins can be designed in a way to reflect your values or theme.  They can be virtually any size or shape that you can think of.  They can also include a bottle opener mechanism in them which is great for your nightclub or restaurant.  People love being given something they can use and bottle opener challenge coins are very helpful tools.

Throughout the evening, make it a point to interact with the customers visiting your establishment.  Thank them for their business and hand them a challenge coin.  This will leave them with a great impression about your nightclub, restaurant or tourist attraction and increase the likelihood of them coming back to see you again.  Word-of-mouth marketing will also work in your favor because other people will want to see what all the buzz is about after your New Year’s Eve event.

Visit to request a free quote.  You can also email or call 1-800-953-3607 toll-free.  We’ll be happy to assist you with placing your challenge coin order today.

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