A United states Navy Tradition.

Naval Postgraduate School Challenge Coins


Students at Naval Postgraduate School, a graduate university offering master and doctoral programs to commissioned officers, can take part in over 70 different schools of studies, focusing primarily on technical knowledge and educational research relevant to the U.S. Navy. This is unlike the Naval War College, which focuses solely on military knowledge, protocol, tactics, and strategy. The student body of NPS largely consists of active-duty U.S. Marines, Navy Sailors, members of partnered foreign militaries, and government staff members from the Department of Defense. 

Often emblazoned with the school’s motto, “Praestantia Per Scientiam,” excellence Through Knowledge, NPS challenge coins are commonly presented to graduating students as they leave the program to continue providing their dedicated services to the U.S. military. NPS challenge coins represent a culmination of the education programs and research of students at the school.

NPS challenge coins are mementos and keepsakes awarded to students, alumni, staff, and guests hosted at the university. At Signature Coins, we are honored to lend our expertise at crafting custom challenge coins for military clients in each branch of our nation’s Armed Forces and their academic institutions. Challenge coins are one of the most respected traditions in our nation’s military forces and we are honored to know many organizations keep and share our unique challenge coins with their members.

Customizing Naval Postgraduate School Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are one of the oldest military traditions in the country, purportedly started during World War I, and now practiced by every branch of the military, government officials, and large businesses. NPS challenge coins are used similarly to military unit coins, which are given to every member of a unit to maintain morale and demonstrate membership. Likewise, the school itself maintains its own unique challenge coin representing student membership at NPS and given to students, alumni, and staff. 

Our services allow clients to customize nearly every part of a challenge coin’s design to allow clients to create unique one of a kind challenge coins. 

Clients can customize a coins:

  • Shape and Size - Our coins can range anywhere from 1” to 3” in size. However, we recommend ordering a coin at least 1.75” in size for the best balance of showcasing coin detail and weight.
  • Color - Either choose to leave the coin in its natural metallic or you can have it painted with up to seven colors on either side from the full Pantone color spectrum. This is especially important for displaying organization and flag colors on a coin.
  • Coin Edge - There are six different options to decorate the edge of every coin, providing a unique look and feel to each order. 
  • Edge Numbering - Each coin in the order can have a number or word engraved or printed onto the edge of a coin to make each one immediately distinct from the rest of their peers. There may be many coins like it, but each challenge coin a recipient receives will be their own unique medallion.
  • Plating - Have your coin plated in antique gold, silver, or copper to highlight details or choose to double plate a coin in two different metals to create and highlight key details.
  • 3D Coins - Have details or elements of a design such as an emblem, slogan, or illustration literally pop or stand off a coin’s surface by ordering a 3D coin.
  • Offset Printing - Offset printing creates an exact replica of an image or photograph on the surface of your coin.
  • Silk Screen - Let your coin maintain a perfectly smooth coin surface by silk screening your design’s colors onto the coin.
  • Epoxy Dome - Create a glassy and smooth finish over one or both sides of a coin with an epoxy dome.

Designing and Ordering Naval Postgraduate School Challenge Coins


NPS challenge coins are used to recognize the academic achievement of students, alumni, and the professors. As a tradition long-rooted in the military, challenge coins often incorporate colors, symbols, images, and insignias of special significance to the commissioning organization. For example, it’s very common for NPS challenge coins to feature the official ship logo of the school including the founding year of 1909 and the NPS slogan “Praestantia Per Scientiam.” 

Designing a challenge coin using Signature Coin’s services is a simple process beginning with filling in the requested information on our quote form. Within 24 to 48 hours of receiving your request, we take the information you provide and deliver a full-color art proof of a design. During the design process, our representatives work one on one with each client to review the specifications of their coin and analyze the significance of any symbols present in the design. We understand the simple importance of symbols like an open book to represent the education and learning goals of NPS or the blue gold color scheme of the U.S. Navy. 

Production on a design does not begin until final approval is received from a client, and clients have every opportunity to send us feedback on the initial proof, which we take and revise into a new proof as often as needed and completely free of charge. After final approval, we begin production immediately and within 14 days have the final product shipped to clients for free in the continental U.S. via UPS Priority Air Shipping.

Naval Postgraduate School History and Academic Programs

First established in 1909, the Naval Postgraduate School was first based at Annapolis as a small educational program focused on marine engineering. What would later become NPS began with only a staff of two Navy instructors and 10 students taking up space in a pair of attic rooms used both as a classroom and laboratory. However, the program quickly expanded, adding programs in ordnance, electrical engineering, civil engineering, and more.

Since its modest beginnings,  the Naval Postgraduate School has tremendously expanded into a full graduate degree-awarding institution with an independent campus located on the former site of luxury Hotel Del Monte, which the school moved to from its original Annapolis location. The modern NPS campus hosts four full schools of higher-level learning focused on expanding the academic knowledge and competency of Naval officers including:

  • The Graduate School of Business and Public Policy - NPS’s dedicated graduate-level business school for military and civilian leadership roles including management education in acquisition, program management, contracting, financial management, logistics, and more.
  • The Graduate School of Engineering and Applied Sciences - A graduate program on advanced engineering and research programs relevant to the maintenance of national security.
  • The Graduate School of Operational and Information Sciences - Constantly updated educational school focused on the development of Navy information sciences and computer sciences.
  • The School of International Graduate Studies - Graduate program focused upon international security studies to improve defense coordination with international partners.

Custom Challenge Coins For Any Occasion


Consider Signature Coins for your next order of challenge coins, our experienced staff of representatives and professional artists stand ready to help our clients through every step of the design process. With a team including military veterans, we understand the importance of challenge coins in military culture and work tirelessly to ensure complete satisfaction with every project.  We honor all of our military clients and do our utmost to carry on one of our nation’s oldest traditions. 
For over 15 years, we’ve crafted consistent high-quality challenge coins for members in each branch of the Armed Forces. Our goal is to become the market standard for quality assurance and customer satisfaction when it comes to custom coins. With fast service, fine detail, and consistent quality, you can rely on us to cover your needs.

We provide competitive services in every order like:

  • Free full-color artwork
  • Free unlimited revisions for designs
  • Free UPS Air Priority shipping within the U.S.
  • Delivery on final orders within 14 business days 
  • 100% quality guarantee

Thank you for choosing Signature Coins, and we look forward to working with you!