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National Volunteer Blood Donor Month Custom Challenge Coins

Posted by Signature Coins | October 10, 2014 at 7:55pm | Topic: Blood Drive Challenge Coins

January is National Volunteer Blood Donor Month. Increase blood donations this winter with a thoughtful gift. Your custom challenge coin can help save lives. Create a memento that instills a sense of pride in donors. Encourage future donations with your incredible coin.

A Gift for Every Donor

Hand out a gift with every donation. This is a great way to get others to donate blood on a regular basis. The Red Cross notes all of the different benefits of blood donation.

They are:

  • A sense of satisfaction because it feels great to donate.

  • You get free juice and cookies.

  • There’s plenty of blood to go around.

  • When you need it, there will be blood on the shelf.

  • You can have save several lives with just one donation.

Your custom blood donation coin can be factual. One side can have an emblem. The other can have information about the benefits of donating blood. The coins take on an educational role when statistics are included in the design.

Versatile and Meaningful Gifts are Our Goal

Custom challenge coins are versatile as well as meaningful. They can serve as valuable tools that help you achieve your donation goals. Challenge coins can be whatever size, shape, and colors that you like best. This helps make them the personal and meaningful gift that people enjoy.

Submit Your Request to Us Now

Contact Signature Coins with your National Volunteer Blood Donor Month custom challenge coin request. We’ll answer it by providing you with a no obligation, free price quote and digital file attachment of artwork sent to your email address. Once you’ve looked things over and determined that everything looks the way that it should, approve the design and pay for your order in full. That will give us the green light to proceed with the ordering process.

After the production department has manufactured your coins, they are sent to your home or work address, whichever is the most convenient for you. Email your ideas, questions, and suggestions to info@signaturecoins.com. If you can’t find the answers that you’re looking for online, call 1-800-953-3607 toll-free.



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