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In the mid-1800s, engineers everywhere seemed to be struck by the same idea: creation of the early forms of the motorcycle. While early prototypes looked nothing like the choppers and sports bikes we know today, what they started was a tidal wave that would change the world forever. 

While cars and other vehicles breed enthusiasts of all types, biker culture is a world apart from the rest. From biker gangs to motorcycle patrol police officers, you’d be hard pressed to find any one vehicle innovation that has created the same kind of stir. People who ride motorcycles aren’t just your average commuters, they belong to a special kind of club that others on the road can’t understand. To best capture the spirit of this past time, club challenge coins are often distributed between members. 

Here at Signature Coins, we understand the specific ties that bind people together. For over 15 years, we’ve worked hard creating custom challenge coins that perfectly encapsulate the bonds between police officers, soldiers and firefighters. Our deep respect for the brave men and women who serve their communities has led to a strong understanding of what draws these like-minded people together. We’re more than ready to apply that knowledge to the coins for your motorcycle group. Simply contact us today and get started creating a keepsake your bikers will cherish almost as much as they do their hogs.

Motorcycle Clubs and Organizational Challenge Coins

Official and unofficial motorcycle clubs have existed for an indeterminable amount of time. Wherever people can get together and partake in their passion for riding, these groups will inevitably spring up. Clubs tend to be organized around specific types or brands of bikes or a certain type of riding. Touring groups tend to be made up of riders interested in riding through different parts of the world and seeing the sites these places have to offer. 

As with military unit coins, motorcycle club challenge coins create a quick and easy way to distinguish members of specific chapters from one another. Complete with the emblems, colors and mottos of the club in question, these challenge coins also perfectly showcase who the members of the club are and what your motorcycle club is all about. 

Some of the organizations that could benefit from motorcycle club challenge coins include:

  • 59 Club
  • Antique Motorcycle Club of America
  • Association of Recovering Motorcyclists
  • BMW Motorcycle Owners of America
  • Canadian Army Veteran Motorcycle Units
  • Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association 
  • Cycle Queens of America
  • Harley Owners Group
  • Moped Army
  • Motor Maids
  • Rainbow Motorcycle Club
  • The Royal British Legion Riders Branch
  • San Francisco Motorcycle Club
  • Yonkers Motorcycle Club
  • Dykes on Bikes
  • Vintage Motor Cycle Club
  • Women in the Wind MC
  • Leather & Lace Motorcycle Club

Each motorcycle club challenge coin is fully customized by you and brought to life by our team of professional artists. Don’t feel intimidated if art and design aren’t your strong suits, our dedicated staff have created great challenge coins based on nothing more than rough sketches on cocktail napkins. If you can dream it up, we’re certain we can create it!


Challenge Coin Examples


Make Your Motorcycle Club Challenge Coins Stand Out


With Signature Coins, creating a custom challenge coin that stands out from the crowd is easy. With our abundance of customization options, your motorcycle challenge coins are sure to be unlike any other in existence. One of our most popular customization options is the abundance of plating choices we offer:

  • Antique Gold — This is the most popular plating style for custom challenge coins. The recessed areas will have a slightly darker finish when compared to the raised areas. Antique plating helps to show text in higher relief, and shows less wear and tear over time. 
  • High Polish Gold — The classiest and most expensive looking plating option, high polish gold coins will have the same high polish finish on both the raised and recessed areas of the coin. 
  • Antique Silver — With a lot of the same benefits as the antique gold option, antique silver plating looks very similar to antique pewter, giving your coin a sense of age.
  • High Polish Silver — Another of the more popular options, each high polish silver coin is hand dipped in real silver plating and then polished to a very high shine. 
  • Copper — Copper can be a great, unique way to make your challenge coin stand out from the rest. Both raised and recessed areas have the same level of high polish finish.
  • Black Metal — There’s an automatic strength and distinctness to black metal coins. Since the color of most coins have a metallic look to it, black metal really stands apart and increases the color contrasts almost by default.
  • Antique Nickel — Fairly new to the plating game, antique nickel plating looks very similar to a gunmetal which gives the coin a very durable look.
  • Black Nickel — Where the finish of a black metal coin can look smooth and uniform, black nickel offers an interesting matte finish contrast. 

With so many options, it’s easy to feel spoiled for choice, but the good news is if you have a hard time deciding on a plating option, simply choose to go with dual plating and combine your two favorite choices. Larger coins can also employ more than just two plating options.

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When you choose Signature Coins to provide your custom motorcycle challenge coins, you’ll benefit from our years of experience and the hard work of our team of specialists. Our artists are here to help with every aspect of the challenge coin creation process from conception to design to delivery. 

With Signature Coins, you’ll benefit from the following services:

  • Free artwork
  • Free unlimited revisions
  • Free mold and setup
  • Free UPS Priority Shipping within the U.S.
  • 100% Quality Guarantee

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