Low-Cost Ways to Make Collector’s Editions of Your Custom Challenge Coin

Posted by Signature Coins | December 14, 2010 at 1:23pm | Topic: Challenge Coin Design

Did you know that turning your rare custom challenge coins into collectible coins is easy and inexpensive? Though this may come as a surprise, it is true. Signature Coins has a few tricks-of-the- trade that will help you effortlessly convert your rare coin to a collectible version while going easy on your pocket.

A Few Small Design Tweaks Make a Big Difference

There are actually quite a few details that can be added to your existing challenge coin design that will make it a must have among fellow coin enthusiasts. However, here we are presenting our most cost efficient and popular options.

Numbered Challenged Coins Establish a Clear Order

Adding sequential engraved numbers to the edge of your coin will help collector’s know where they are within the assortment. All of your non-numbered coins will be the general coin while your numbered coins are given out as a collector’s item. The best aspect of using this option is that adding sequential edge numbering does not change the mold of your original challenge coin.

Plating Helps Differentiate Collectible Coins from the Rest

Another option you can take advantage of with no additional mold fee is changing the plating on your customized coin. Your collector’s edition challenge coin can easily be plated using a different metal. For example, if your normal coin is plated in silver, the collectible coin can be plated in gold.

Making Paint Colors vary Between Coin Editions

Changing the enamel colors in your collector’s coin is another great way to set it apart from your original. With the unlimited number of color combinations Signature Coins has available, upgrading your custom challenge coin from a general to an exclusive one is simple and interesting.

To get a better idea of the many different ways custom coins can be designed to look, visit our coin gallery at http://www.signaturecoins.com/coin-gallery.htm .

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