LA County Sheriff Challenge Coins

A Meaningful Symbol for the Department


The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) is the largest sheriff’s office in the United States with about 18,000 employees. The department may be on a completely different scale than most county sheriff offices, however, they still hold fast to the same traditional responsibilities and work every day to uphold the laws of our nation and protect its people. The core values of the LASD, integrity, accountability, service, and ethics are the cornerstones of identity and are the driving force behind their regulations and expectations.

The jurisdiction of the LASD covers over 4,000 square miles and encompasses over 10 million people. Organizing a force that can handle the responsibility of such a large area and so many people is no easy feat. The men and women who work in the LASD, therefore, must be highly-trained and dedicated individuals united by a common goal.

Custom Los Angeles challenge coins have been used to honor the beauty, tradition, and culture of the city for years within the LAPD and throughout local military institutions. They instill a sense of hometown pride, build fellowship, and honor the service men and women of our county. Used in a similar fashion, LA county sheriff challenge coins are designed to show the department’s core values of integrity, accountability, service, and ethics as well as foster a culture of gratitude and inspire members of the department to set a new standard of excellence in service.  

Serving Los Angeles With Pride

Just as many sheriff departments across the country are responsible for securing the local courts, executing warrants, and providing general law enforcement services, so are the members of the LASD. The scale, however, is much different.

The LA County Sheriff’s Department secures and provides both food and medical attention for up to 18,000 inmates every day while securing the seven custody facilities in their jurisdiction. They also provide law enforcement services to nine local community colleges, a large number of county hospitals and clinics, as well as thirty-seven superior courts throughout the greater Los Angeles area. On top of all of this, the LA County Sheriff’s Department provides services to the Metropolitan Transit Authority to ensure they meet their standards as well.

The sheer scope of the LASD is intimidating. There is a great deal of organization and planning that goes into executing tasks and achieving the goals of the department each day. It can all be exhausting and painstakingly difficult at times. LA county sheriff challenge coins are used to reward excellence in service among the members of your team. The personalized aspect of the coins elicit emotions of unity, acceptance, and accomplishment. They also represent gratitude for their devotion and dedication and build a culture of engagement and appreciation.

Just as military and law enforcement challenge coins are used to foster camaraderie and reward hard work within the ranks, so do LA county sheriff challenge coins. They are personal markers of achievement that can be carried with honor and displayed with pride! Signature Coins can provide custom challenge coins for all operations of the LA Sheriff's Department including:

  • Custody Operations
  • Patrol Operations
  • Countywide Services
  • Administrative & Professional Standards

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Custom Sheriff Coin Examples


Protection and Service for the Golden State



According to the United States Census Bureau, Los Angeles is home to over 10 million people. The need for law enforcement and first responders is paramount for an area with such a dense population. The Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, and all of the first responders and firefighters throughout the county work day and night to ensure the safety of each person. They coordinate their efforts, execute plans of action, and are constantly on call. 

These are the brave service men and women of our country who put the lives of others before their own. Every day, members of the LAPD and LASD put their lives on the line to protect the people of Los Angeles, and first responders and firefighters are constantly in a position to save lives after accidents, attacks, or during the many fires that swept over the state each year. It is a career full of adversary and challenge that not many can excel in. Challenge coins are a means of showing your support for their efforts, and your appreciation for their sacrifices.

At Signature Coins, our custom law enforcement challenge coins and firefighter challenge coins are designed to honor those few men and women strong enough to put the safety of others above their own safety; the guardians of our cities. 

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Adding a Piece of History to the LA Sheriff Department 


Challenge coins are physical mementos that signify the heritage, the culture, and the aims of a team. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is the largest team of its kind and with so many officers and different branches within the organization, it can be easy to lose yourself. Having a custom Sheriff Department challenge coin is like carrying a symbol that anchors you to your team. They are reminders of an officer or deputy’s promises to uphold to law, protect the citizens of Los Angeles, and they promote loyalty to your team above everything else! They embody the spirit of the department: integrity, accountability, service, and ethics!

At Signature Coins, we have been devoted to perfecting our craft and supplying the best in customer satisfaction and product excellence. We use durable materials like zinc, brass, and steel in all of our coin designs to ensure dexterity and longevity. Colors will stay vibrant over the years, and designs will always be timeless. Your challenge coins are sure to be marks of esteem and carried with honor for years to come. 

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