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Helping Wounded Veterans Find Support  

“Let me tell you this funny story,” Rob Jackson said as we chatted on the phone about his organization. Jackson is the president of Heroes in the Rough, a volunteer group working to provide support and rehabilitation services to disabled veterans through golf and other outdoor activities. 

Jackson was sitting at the restaurant beside the golf shop at the organization’s home course, Stallion Mountain in Las Vegas. A group of guys came in after enjoying a round of golf, and one of them walked over to Jackson at the bar. 

“This guy comes next to me and goes, ‘I bet you don’t know anything about this,’ and he took a challenge coin and he slapped it down. But it was our coin! He doesn't know who I am. So I took my coin out and I slapped it down, and he goes, ‘wait a minute,’ ... He just challenged the president of the organization, and I just cracked up!”

Jackson laughed spiritedly at the memory, and we joined in too. Then he goes on to say, “But what was cool about it was that they all bought coins, and they all thought they were cool. And they said, ‘Oh yeah, we are gonna let everyone know about Heroes in the Rough because this thing is phenomenal.’”


One of the gentlemen even bought more coins for his family. This kind of interaction gets Jackson excited. It’s proof that his team is making a difference. People are supporting what they do and cheering for Heroes in the Rough to succeed. 

We asked Jackson to tell us more about his organization, and he was happy to oblige. “I’m a combat vet,” he said, “I’ve been through the heat of battle. This kind of program helps me out while I help with running it.” 

The mission of Heroes in the Rough is to provide wounded veterans with a place to socialize with others in similar situations. They take members go-karting, bowling and they all play pool together, but the main focus is golf. They provide opportunities for veterans to get out of the house and experience sports again. It’s an organization that offers emotional support and helps veterans feel like they are not so “locked in,” as Jackson says.

According to Jackson, their programs are, “getting us out and feeling good about ourselves, instead of sitting at home and thinking about things you don't want to think about.” Heroes in the Rough is entirely free for disabled veterans and provides mentorship programs and lessons to help participants improve their golf game and avoid frustration. 
“We have golf clinics every two weeks and these guys will come out hacking the ball and say, ‘forget it, I can’t play this game.’” Jackson says this is how he used to think, but through practice and mentorship, he was able to improve and enjoy his time on the course. He knows from experience that the PGA players working with Heroes in the Rough provide the mentorship needed in the program and help disabled veterans find confidence in their game. “They work with the veterans and get them to feel more comfortable.”

Working With Signature Coins to Make Their Vision Come to Life

“You’re never going to be disappointed because what you want you’re gonna get with Signature Coins.” ~Rob Jackson

We asked Jackson about working with Signature Coins, and one of the first things that came to his mind was an experience working with another coin company. “It was terrible,” he said. “The logo was all pixelated.”

He was looking for very small golf ball markers at the time, and the products that had been delivered were lacking detail and overall quality. Jackson’s next step was to contact Signature Coins, and our sales team had the opportunity to help him get the design right. When he received the ball markers from Signature Coins, Jackson remembers thinking, “These things are awesome!” 

He said that others were amazed at the fine detail on such a small coin, and believes this is the big reason they were such a success in fundraising and promotional efforts. Because Heroes in the Rough is run entirely by volunteers (no one receives a salary from the president all the way down), they rely on donations and sponsorship to continue their services. The patches, lapel pins, golf ball markers and challenge coins that they order from Signature Coins are given out for donations that support the cause and as tokens of membership for the people taking part in Heroes in the Rough programs.

Businesses and charities, both large and small, use Signature Coins products to rally supporters, fundraise and foster team spirit in a similar fashion as Heroes in the Rough. Custom products like challenge coins become a part of a group’s identity, and people carry them as a sign of support and inclusion. 

Jackson said that he chose to work with Signature Coins because of a few referrals from Marines that had worked with us before, and because our customer service is incredible. When talking about working with our sales team over the years, he said that “it's a fast, easy process.”

He elaborated on working with a specific member of our team saying, “Jeff is really good, too. He has seen our stuff so much and understands it to where he knows what’s going to work and what’s not going to work. He really gives a good second opinion for us too. He puts more into it than most people that I know!”

Our sales and art teams are friendly and knowledgeable. Their goal is to help you create the perfect custom products, which means sometimes steering customers away from more expensive options that may hinder overall design. We have been making custom coins, pins and patches for a long time and are happy to offer suggestions based on our experience making memorable and meaningful designs. 

Making a Small Gift With Substance

We asked Jackson to let us know if he had any advice for others considering working with Signature Coins, and he said, “First of all, I would tell them that customer service is great. I would say call first, maybe get a chance to talk with Jeff, and get their opinion on which route to go to save you time.”

At Signature Coins, we strive to make our products a piece of your team’s identity. When talking about his funny story about the guys he saw at the club restaurant, Jackson concluded that making stuff like challenge coins can be a hit or miss. But, when you get it right, “it spreads the word … when they see how cool it looks, they're like, ‘how can I get more of these?’”

We couldn't agree more. To get the design just right, we tried out several designs and layouts for each of his projects. Jackson himself said that he likes to print out the proofs we send so he has time to examine every detail and show them to others in the office. When working with Signature Coins, Jackson says, “You’re gonna get exactly what you want.”

It has been a pleasure working with Jackson and Heroes in the Rough over the years. We respect what their programs are accomplishing and do everything in our power to make sure it shows in the products we design for them. We look forward to Jackson sending us more ideas so we can bring them to life! 

If you are in the market for custom products, check out Signature Coins and see what we can make for your team! 

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